Monday, May 11, 2009

Pt 2 - Followers Blogs - Books, Cards, Travel, Home, Recipes, etc

Riane lives over in the Netherlands and has some beautiful cards on her blog. Kernowcards.

Cheryl has some fantastic cards on her blog. Wonderful layouts and brilliant colouring. My Cardmaking Haven

Denise has these lovely Hello Kitty cards on her blog that she creates also other wonderful cards. Denise Loves Stamps

Michelle is another cardmaking with wonderful creations. Michelle is also organising a Craft-a-thon..doesn't that sound like fun. My Paper Bliss

This blog is all in Spanish but thankfully has a translator on the blog as it is great to read the story behind the books. The books created are all very beautiful. El Taller De Curra

Another spanish blog....I can't find a translator on here but this lady is so talented. Crocheting and sewing. El Blog De Clamir

This lady loves to share things that are around her and very crafty to boot. Isn't this a fantastic ring that she has created. Above Happy Valley ........ although now Happy Valley is a 5min walk away.

Rozzy is another fantastic the shape of this card. She has used some great layout in her card creations. Rozzybee

This lady creates the most wonderful boxes for photos, soaps etc. She also creates books and frames and has some wonderful tutorials. It is in spanish but has a translator on the blog. Enmarcacion y Cartonnage

This lady from Turkey has a lot of different things on her and craft. Again...I am happy a translator is available otherwise I feel I am missing out. 3prenses

Nilla is another wonderful cardmaker that colours her images just beautifully. Live it - Scrap it

Michele has this wonderful blog writing about her travels and crafts. She also has this Ezine. Extremely Crafty


  1. Wow! Thank you for including a link to my e-zine and for becoming a follower of my blog. It was such a surprise to see my cover there with all of those beautiful cards. You've made my day!

  2. Thankyou Merry,It is the followers and people who comment that make your day.I often wonder myself who are the anonymous visitors and would love to check their blogs, maybe one day!!!

  3. Oh, I am so happy seeing me in YOUR blog!!!!! tks, tks, tks, tks so much.

  4. Hi Merry,how kind of you to put my card on your blog! I feel honoured!

    Greetings from The Netherlands and enjoy your weekend!


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