Thursday, May 21, 2009

Paper Punched Circle Flower Instructions.

I had posted a card earlier with one of these cirlce flowers on. Everyone at Craftmad loved the flower and asked for instructions. So I wrote some up which are here. Only thing is you will have to be a member of Craftmad to see them. I did try to upload them here but it will take a bit longer than I have to post at the moment. So maybe next week sometime.....if I can remember. Without pictures this is quickly what you do. Punch out nine circles. Using eight of these circles fold them in half to get a crease up...fold one flap to the centre...from the bottom....then do the other half. Now flip the circle over without opening. Fold one half to the centre again and then the other half to the centre. Tadah!!!! you have a complete the other seven. The nineth circle spread PVA glue all over and now arranged the petals on top of it into a flowers shape. Don't worry too much about the centre as you will cover that with a split pin when the glue is dry. Can you leave a link here if you have a try as I would love to see your flowers and where you end up using them. Thanks.

The stamps I have used on the card are from the Stampin Up Priceless set.


  1. Lovely card and thanks for sharing, Merry! hugs Nilla

  2. That is great, I shall try something with this technique. Tks

  3. I am going to have to try this. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Sharon


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