Saturday, May 23, 2009

Can you just post a hello if you can read this post

Can you just let me know if you are able to still read my blog and posts comments. Thanks heaps. Looks like I can post by logging in through Hints of Candy but after hitting Publish Post I then asked to view Merrymade Blog and my computer tells me it can't do that operation. I seem to be able to visit other blogs......weird.


  1. Hi Merry, there was a problem with 'followers' mucking things up, but it should be fine now. I had problems all last week, but it seems OK this weekend.

  2. Hi Merry,i can read it,hope this helps.

  3. Hi.
    Your page tried to close down and flagged a sign saying "abort" but I paged back, then forward (you with me:)and was able to write this...
    Love your cards!
    You can use some of my drawings if you like.
    I was born in Cairns:)

  4. I had problems the past week too! Seems fine today.

  5. Hi Merry,had no problems at all,and love your blog,have become a follower to,hugs Janette.x


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