Friday, January 16, 2009

Tidy Craft Cupboard

Mornin' everyone. I didn't get the cushion covers made but I did clean out and tidy up my craft cupboard which was a major achievement. I now know what I have to use again. My son was surprised that I could fit that in one cupboard. It does have four shelves so I can fit a fair bit.

I do have a question for anyone reading. How do you store all your handmade cards that you are given and wish to treasure? Currently mine are in plastic sleeves and then get stored in a drawer never to be seen again. That is not why I have saved these wonderful works of art. I have kept them so that can enjoy looking at them as well use them as inspiration. So I am looking for a way to store them and keep them visible. Any help appreciated.

I also managed to create this card for my friend. I had fun doing the tear bear as I haven't done one for such a long time. I just like how they slowly come to life with each piece that you add and then the chalking to highlight and lastly the eyes and nose. I added some wire with a twist in them for the flower stems. The greeting is a rub on from Letraset that I bought over at Blue Edge Crafts as well as the love flower bling.

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  1. It's adorable and so pretty too! Love the material and the flowers!


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