Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sewing Today

My 13yo daughter got the bug for sewing on Monday. We dusted off the machine....cardmaking has taken over my sewing table. I grabbed out some small pieces of material from my stocks and Melissa started sewing. I will post photos later today of two pillows and a pair of overalls for her toy monkey. Then while we were out shopping later on Monday we stopped off at Spolight and picked up a skirt pattern (Burda 7910) and some material. This is the first ever sewing project Melissa has done from wo to go. In the past she has created clothes for her dolls, pencil case, or small pillows. Melissa enjoyed the experience except for cutting out the pattern. I am with her on that. I would much rather just sit down and sew. I did do the mock shirring around the top edge of the skirt....something I have never done before but wasn't too hard. When all the sewing was done Melissa wore the skirt for the rest of the afternoon.....thats a good sign that we did well. :-)
A little story. While making the skirt it was much longer and came down past her knees and at one stage I asked her to try it on to see if we had the elastic right around her waist. Out comes Melissa with the skirt up under her arms and a black belt just under her bustline. She had turned it into a dress and it looked fantastic but I made her continue with the skirt plan. Later that night we were watching on TV GOK Fashion Fix and what should he do but get two of the same he put on the model as a skirt and the other he put over her head and then put a belt just under the bustline. He must have been looking through Melissa's window.......

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