Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I did find another card that I made at Ruth's Stamping Up Workshop. Belinda was the creator of this card design. I enjoyed making this one with all the layers and the pretty border but was disappointed on how the flower image stamped up. So it was put aside until yesterday. I recentely bought these gold butterflies from the Sticker Store and they are perfect to hide my little errors. :-) I stuck the butterfly stickers to marbled paper that I had created ages ago using shaving cream. I have found that the colours fit perfectly into the butterflies wings. I then stuck another butterfly sticker to the card and then glued the butterfly with the marble paper on top with the wings folded up. This way the butterfly looks like it is ready to take off.


  1. love those butterflies,, they look like they could just fly away, great card

  2. Thank you :) I love the sentiment and all the details....fabulous butterflies!

    carol x


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