Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thank You

I noticed the other day that my Followers were up to 48........amazing! So I thought when I hit 50 I would offer something back as a thank you as I appreciate everyones visit. What I came up with was "A piece of me". :-)

I cleared up my craft desk and the bits and pieces I found went aside to send off as a Thank you.

I have two of my mini pincushions,
some copies of my one Tilda stamp,
four sheets of stickers,
ran all my embossing folders through so you have a copy,
did some of my Nestabilites,
approx 10 of crocheted flowers,
some of my inchies,
and offcut of papers I had been using.

I found When I started blogging I thought maybe ten followers at the most. Close friends and polite family. lol I really enjoy sharing my work and discovering all the creative people around the world.

So my first 50 followers all have one entry into this draw. If you would like to be added to the list or are a follower and would like another entry please add a comment below answering this question.

What is the name to your favourite blog?
(This is just to help me with more blog hopping which I really enjoy.

I will close this Australian Time 7.00pm Saturday, 17th October and let you know the winner Sunday morning. Please don't advertise this.....this is really just a thank you for my regular visitors.


  1. Well I love your blog as you know! But you want to hop around. I have so many favorites but one I really love is The White Bench from Italy. My dear friend Monica and her wonderful dog Kim are so dear to me. She is one very talented lady. I think you would enjoy her blog. Sharon

  2. Hiya
    I have put a link in my side bar to get more people to come look at your wonderful blog,
    I love going to see FIONA'S blog,

  3. Hi Merry - what a fab and sweet idea. I have a few favs but I suppose one that stands out is Monica - I have just joined her virtual stampin up club too.

  4. As requested I will not advertise...that is a first and I like the idea really! Before I forget...the lady that gave me the tip on using a dryer sheet for embossing specified "used" dryer sheet. Not sure it really matters but thought I would share that with you anyways. Now onto this ever so yummy candy you have!!! Oh I would so LOVE to have these...I see you have stickers in there too!! :) Glad I get 2 chances! Other than your blog which I look forward to reading always (it is true!) I also really enjoy 62 Cards as well as the VERY talented Payne Holler Cards.


  5. Hi Merry, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I am considering the puppy image for one of my next stamps..
    I love to look at Pretty Pressings blog by Claudia.Just look at how many followers she has and you'll see I'm not alone!! Ruth x

  6. What a lovely gesture Merry. gosh I have a couple of favourite sites I like to visit each day. Cheryl from mycardmakinghaven is always a fav, but I notice she is already on your bloglist. So next I would say She is such a lovely lady and very talented. xo Jackie

  7. What a terrific way to share some of yourself! Great idea!

  8. What a great idea Merry and well done of reaching 50 followers, proves what a great blogger you are.

    B x

  9. Hi Merry,

    Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments, I do appreciate them all. I have so many favourite blogs, one of which is Monicas, but next best has to be Jennys,

    Congratulations on 50 followers


  10. My favourite blog is

  11. Hey!!

    thanks for entering my givezaway! I really love making the bouquets, although I have to do it in intervals as it gets a bit of a hazard to my wrist with all the twists and turning!!

    Good luck ,hope you win, would love to send it to the other side of the world:D

    Congrats on the following.It such a good feeling to know that you are impacting someones day just by being present. I love it. Oh, and by the way, my favourite blog is most definetely is that of Stephanie Nielson, better known as NieNie. Im sure you have heard of her through the comings and goings of blog life. That and Pioneer Woman. Forgive me as I dont have the addresses handy, you can google them!! :D


  12. I would love to share my dear friend's blog with you. She is super talented and very humble.

    Congratulations on your success of your blog. I hope you continue to create and share your talents with us.
    Kylie xo

  13. Merry I am so glad that you enjoy blogging, I started in April and have never looked back. I love blog hopping too and I know that you will agree with me that crafters are such a fun and happy lot, there are some awesome crafters out there and the inspiration is limitless, I have a blog that I visit daily as the lady as well as being a fab crafter, drawer etc, she is also very funny so pop over to Stef is awesome and very friendly, she has just started drawing and you can buy here images too. Hugs from your wee Scottish friend Avril xxx


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