Saturday, October 24, 2009

Progression of a card.

I made this card back in September using a sketch challenge and first time using my Nestabilities and daubing colour on as a background. I was just never quite happy with it and found the card quite dark. So had set it aside until Thursday when I had a play.

I decided to add some mulberry paper flowers I had punched out and took the little bow off as it just was not the right size. I added a paperclip thingy in it's place to cover the tear mark from the bow. :-0 Also added three more pearls to the top corner to try and balance it out. Then when I took the photo I noticed............grrrrrrrrrr........ that I had made the colour run on the background of the image. I always wash my hands before touching my cards and card making. Obviously, didn't dry them enough.

Showed my wonderful teenage daughter (13) the above card and she said just get rid of the image. Smarty. So this morning I have been colouring my Tilda image to cover the other image up. Finally, a card I am happy with but I still see things I could of, should have done better. Oh well that is my card saga for today. Have a great weekend everyone. The kids will be keeping me busy so I don't think I will have a card until Monday.


  1. I think it turned out splendid! Sometimes I think I could of/should of done something different but I try not to get hung up on my perfectionist side because I would NEVER complete anything! LOL! In this case I think you finished it off perfectly!

  2. It looks beautiful and the colours so pretty!!! We all have moments like this,it always turns out in the end!!

  3. Hi Merry

    Well, they both look good to me, but know exactly what you mean when you are never quite satisfied with the finished project.

    B x

  4. I think it turned out great - interesting to see documented what I think we all go through from time to time - especially the "hiding" bit LOL

  5. really nice cards you made!


  6. I think it turned out brilliantly as well - I actually think the daqrker colours of the card work well with the image - and Tilda just finishes it off perfectly xx


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