Monday, October 5, 2009

Lots of cards for the STamping Vacations 'Pick Three Challenges'

Finally found some time to have another go at Denise's 'Pick Three' challenges. Every day Denise at Stamping Vacation list six elements of a card and your challenge is to pick three and create a card. Denise also post a photo of her version of the challenge. So here are five I finished yesterday and these will be all heading off to Blue Edge crafts who will be listing them soon and a Fundraising Section. So all monies from these cards will be donated to the Cancer Council. I will let you know when they are listed.

I chose the highlighted elements.
1. OCCASION - Christmas
2. CARD SIZE - 8"x 4"
3. EMBOSSING - Dry with Cuttlebug folder
4. EMBELLISHMENT - Flower Soft mixed with glitter
5. IMAGE - Animal

I embossed with the snowflake folder from Cuttlebug which I have borrowed from Mum for the past month and hadn't put to perfect opportunity. The stickers I had just bought ready for Christmas cards and the ribbon I was lucky enough to win in a September Card Sketch Challenge.

I chose the highlighted elements.
1. Fall theme
2. 6 different colors including the neutrals
3. Mod Podge
4. Doodling in Glitter
5. Liquid Pearls
6. Ribbon

Thought this was a great chance to use my liquid pearls which I won last year and used once before. Problem it was green and had to fit into a Fall theme but I think I managed this. I really like the effect of the liquid pearls and will have to start using it more often. The leaves my Mum dried about 7 years ago. OMG!!! lol.

I have hightlighted the elements I chose.
1. Floral paper
2. Any image with a wreath in it
3. Popdots
4. Liquid Applique
5. Glitter
6. Dotted ribbon

Found the ribbon first and the card emerged from there. I had also spied a card yesterday when I was checking out everyone's blogs that had the ribbon pulled through the centre of the flower. If this was your blog please let me know as I can't think of who it was. So this is my version.... I cut three different size circles and scrunched them up then flatten them and wiped and ink pad gently across the creases and also inked the edges. Made a hole in the centre and pulled through a little bit of folded ribbon then attached this to the ribbon that is on the card.

I have highlighted the elements I chose.
1. 3D craft paint
2. Striped Paper
3. Corner punch
4. Anything purple
5. Dewdrops
6. Glitter

Ok, not my favourite card out of the bunch but it meets the challenge. The topper was the top off a packet of almonds I received when I went on my Stampin Up retreat. It was too pretty to toss away. The words stamped are 'Friend to Friend'. I added the strip of darker purple to the side to try and tie it in with the purple glitter paper but now looking at it is all just the wrong tones. Finished with the glitter flower border sticker down the side.

I have highlighted the elements I chose.
1. Anything related to a tree
2. Burgundy Cardstock
3. Image of anything living
4. Circles
5. Stripes
6. Raffia

Finally, got to use another thing I have borrowed from my Mum for the past month. The Stampin Up set 'Lovely as a Tree'. I stamped the tree with Timber Brown Stazon onto gloss card. I was really impressed that I didn't smudge this image. :-) Then a layer of paper that I say is "stripes of circles" but my daughter says is "lines of circles". lol Finished with a ribbon and a couple of leftover pieces of gold stickers.


  1. Fantastic cards. I am going to visit this challenge site you speak of! I really wish I had this embossing device you used. Between the Christmas theme card and the crochet cards you made earlier I am loving your work with the embossing.

  2. WOW! You have been working hard on these challenges! I am major impressed AND feel so honored that these cards are being used for a charity! Wonderful! There's not one card that I didn't think was terrific, but my fav is the white Christmas card! So elegant!

  3. All beautiful cards, Merry! So elegant all of them, well done! Hugs Nilla

  4. Wow! Someone sure has been busy! They all look great! You used some techniques I have never tried before and they look so beautiful!
    So jealous you have an embossing machine and flower soft...I am trying to wait for x-mas on alot of things but I'm itching for EVERYTHING!!!

    The leaves your mom dried 7 yr. did you keep them from crumbling up?? I'm sure they were brittle.

    Oh..and you said my stash was growing....stay tuned!! Spending my allowance like mad lately!!


  5. WOW,you have been very busy Merry,love them all!!! Such beautiful work!!

  6. The leaves sure are brittle and I breathed a sigh of relief when they were finally adhered to my card. I had just kept them in an A4 Display folder.

  7. Great cards Merry!
    You certainly have been busy!


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