Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thank You Caramels

These chocolate box gift cards come in so handy.  One of the members of the school P&C committee suddenly had to leave and we just wanted to say a little thank you for their time and effort.  So I put together this chocolate box gift card (tutorial here at Craftmad).  I have made so many of these now that I actually made this under an hour which I was very happy about.  I started with Pink Linen Textured cardstock, layered up more beautiful Bazzill patterned papers (Grandma's Feather Bed).  The felt flowers are from Stampin Up and the little square brads from Blue Edge Crafts.  I attached the gold sticker sentiment (Sticker Store) on to more of the Pink Linen Textured card stock and rounded two opposite corners and then attached to the card with foam tape to raise it up a little.  Yes, I sampled the caramels to make sure they all tasted fine. :-)

The weather here is just beautiful at this very moment.  Amazing how quickly it can change, considering only a week and half ago we were flooded everywhere.  We have crisp cool starts to the morning. 19C inside here at the moment.  School holidays started for two weeks this Monday and with my daughters organising I have been out and about.  Monday it was Behana Creek with three mates and they met up with another three at the creek.  Here they are all are sitting on the edge of the roadway. Yes the water is up high at the moment with all the rain we had.  The top right of this road way there is a huge drain taking the water from one side to the other.  The water was very chilly but once in fine.  Not that I got in. lol 

I was happy to sit with the dog and watch the coming and going of other swimmers as well as my daughter and friends.  I mean this is the view I had....this is looking back upstream at Behana Creek.

March 2012

July 2009

Tuesday we put on our walking shoes and walked along the Behana Gorge track which is only 10 mins south of Gordonvale.  The walk is 3.2km and took us an hour in and an hour.  The water was even colder here and much higher and faster than we have ever seen it.

There are huge rocks everywhere.  My daughter managed to find small slide amongst them all.
We even had a little entertainment while we were resting before we headed back.  Four people in kayaks came through and were heading downstream.  Right behind my daughter is a big drop area where the water is gushing and swirling through.  We watched three of them as they went through.  I was impressed at how safely they were doing everything.  As the one guy remaining stood on the rocks above where they were going through with a rope...just in case.  As we watched them go further downstream they would get out and check each rapid/drop area before going through.  The one guy that didn't go through with the others sat in his kayak on top of the rocks about 4 metres from the water and rocked the boat until he slid into the water.  Impressive.

It's a day at home for us today.  Sadly, I have to catch up on housework otherwise I won't enjoy other ventures like this.  Have a good day everyone.


  1. These boxes are fab, I still haven't had a go at one!
    TYFS the photos, looks lovely.

  2. I love those gift box cards, I so have to get to making some, love the idea!!!!

    great pics, love that wonderful area to relax and play in!!!

  3. Fantastic card and beautiful photos Merry..Loz

  4. What a neat idea to give caramel like that... looks so sweet. And those pics are awesome, thanks for sharing.
    Monica xxx

  5. The flowers on your project are awesome and loved seeing the fun you had on your trip!

  6. Beautiful box, best way to say thank you. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures! Those rocks look great. Wish you many more sunny and happy days!

  7. loveley pictures - such beautiful countryside - sweet box is a great idea - best wishes Lesley c

  8. Yum looking caramel box! I should make some of these before the end of the school year to pass out to a few people just as thank yous!

    Lovely pics...and wow that water was very very high!!

  9. Yummy caramel box! Love your beautiful photos to, thanks for sharing! Love your bright coloured Pen roll, beautiful giftX:)

  10. We have an area here in Missouri, USA called Johnson's Shut-ins that look exactly like your last picture of huge boulders with a stream running through it. Now when I visit it again, it will remind me of you! :)


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