Thursday, April 12, 2012

April Doodle Calendar Page

Hi today I have my April Doodle calendar to share.  Yep, better late than never.  I just visited 'The Kathryn Wheel' run by Kate who started this wonderful idea where you can link your calendars each month and be inspired by her wonderful calendar pages. Kate is running late too.  Must have been a March thing.  I was so far behind that if you look at a couple lot of days in my March completed page below you will just see the names of the days. :-)  I could not for the life of me remember what happened or even the weather on those days.

April looks a little messier than what I had envisaged due to bleeding but I had fun creating this page.  I went through my paper scraps container and found 30 pieces around 4cm.  I attached them to the page with a little dab of paper glue...just to hold them in place.  I brushed the page with water, this is where the bleeding occurred as some parts were too wet.  Next I grabbed the red and yellow paints and a toothbrush and started flicking the paint all over the page and the shapes.  Let it dry in the sun then removed the paper shapes to reveal the areas for each day of the month.  I numbered them off.  Went through my small stamp collect and found some border like stamps and stamped these around the edges of some of the day areas.  I stamped the wonderful flowers along the bottom of my page. Hoping to stay more on track with months page.  

Oh, I had one of those 'duh' moments in March too.  Visiting a Chris's blog 'Sketching Stamper' and reading her post about the amazing sketches she was showing.  Chris listed her process.....starting with pencil drawings first and then colour and then adding black ink. 'Duh' For some reason I had been trying to use my black pen first up and then colour.  So half way through March I changed and started using a pencil, coloured and then you can alter as well, then black ink.  Much better.  Now to find tips on doodling.  :-)

This is my completed March page.  

Be sure to visit Kate's blog and check out some of the links to so many talented peoples calendar pages.
Once again....Sharon who inspired me to even give this a try has the most wonderful page this month.


  1. Lovely calendar, looks fun....

  2. Fantastic idea Merry! Beautiful memory keepsakes, I struggle to remember what I did last week, let alone the week before, off to catch up on your other creations, have a wonderful weekend, take careX:)

  3. I really love this idea, and great calendar pages!!!

    Love what you've done!

  4. Loving your calendar pages. Your doodling is so creative.

  5. Your calender is looking gorgeous Merry. What a great record of the year!
    Alicia xx

  6. Ooh! April looks cool! I love all the different shapes :-)


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