Tuesday, April 3, 2012

3 Dudes Jelly Roll Blocks

We swapped 3 Dudes Jelly Roll blocks last month over at Craftmad.  This was fun to do although it did take us a little while to get those measurements right. To create this block you sew up four smaller squares and then it is all a matter of the placement when sewing these together to create our 9.5" square as to what the pattern will look like.  Amazing how different it can be.   I must say this pink one is my favourite.  I had bought some fabrics especially for this one.  The remaining blocks are using up what I have at home....as you can see not much as the combo are really stretching the imagination.

This block went off to Cathy who likes Autumn tones.  I need more Autumn tones, just have to go shopping. :-)

This headed to Mandy who loves her Blues.

This went off to the bubbly Annmaree who likes bright things.  I really do like how this one came out too. Maybe I just like the pink thing. 

We are just about to find out who our partners are for the April swap over at Craftmad.  You are more than welcome to come and join in.  We are swapping a Disappearing Nine Patch block.

If you would like to see what everyone else swapped just check out the Gallery at Craftmad here.

Have a fun day everyone.


  1. How sweet to make colours that they like... but the first one is my fave... Something about pink!!!

    Monica xxx

  2. I really love these blocks and love mine! Its so cheery!

    Thanks Merry xoxo

  3. Nie work, Merry. Somehow I missed that you were also a quilter!

  4. Lovely fabric blocks! Gotta confess that when I saw the title of Jelly roll....I was thinking about dessert! LOL!


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