Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Disappearing Nine Blocks

This block was sent to Mandy who loves Blue

Another Craftmad swap.  This time I am sharing with you the the Disappearing Nine Blocks that I created for our Craftmad Family Quilt.

When we started making these blocks we agreed to swap 9.5" blocks.  As the majority of us new to block making we did not realise how many calculations we would need to do to have the finished block measure up to this size.  If you visit here you can see us all slowly working out the measurements.
End result: - we cut 9 x 3 3/4" squares to create a 91/2" block.
Hope this makes life easier for someone out there. :-)

This headed to Annette as you can see she enjoys pink.  I also added a little bit of embroidery to make it a little personal.  Plan to add this to future blocks of other people I swap with.

More sunshine here so I think it will be an outside day. Wishing you a good one.


  1. Every time I see some of your patchwork Merry it makes me want to start again. Years since I did any.

    B x

  2. You are an amazing crafter, Merry. Look at the different stuff that you do... this is so pretty and I love your personalized embroidery.

    Thanks for healing wishes,
    Monica xxx


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