Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Visit to Sydney

The whole reason for our three day weekend visit to Sydney was to surprise my husband's Mum for her 70th birthday. Do you think we succeeded? That is our daughter holding the balloons.

On the Saturday after all the surprising was done we took the kids into Sydney centre. My hubby was in the Navy and spent a lot of years walking through here when along side. I worked in 'The Rocks' area for 18 months. So some wonderful memories. This is part of the Sydney skyline....taken by our daughter (13yo).

First stop Darling Harbour....heaps of shops and heaps of restaurants and eateries. That is the back of my head and our sons head. :-)

Next stop Maritime Museum. Hubby gave us a guided tour over both the ship and the submarine. He didn't do any time on subs though. Those men can have that ..... no windows and way too cramped for me.

Hubby didn't give us the guided tour on the replica of the Endeavour as it was just a little before his time. lol. It was interesting going over the ship though. Amazing that people actually survived the long journeys they had on them.

A must for our son (15yo) whose desire it is to be an architect was to see the Opera House. This is one of the photos he has taken. I love the angle of it.

This is Fort Dennison out in the middle of the harbour.....sorry can't think of the history of it at the moment. As you can see we had such beautiful and clear and calm.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge......this was what our daughter wanted to see the most.

Busy Circular Quay with all the ferries coming and going to take people to other parts of Sydney. This is the view from the Sydney Opera House steps.

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