Thursday, July 30, 2009

Craftmad July Sewing Swap - Pincushion (Also I won a challenge)

The theme for Craftmad's July sewing swap was a pincushion. I have never sewn a pincushion before and was amazed how easily I was able to create one. So I decided to use up the spare circles I had cut ages ago to create yoyos and to now create more pincushions. A friend and I are having a stall at the local markets for the running of the annual 'Pyramid Race' . We plan on selling our cards but I thought a little colour wouldn't go astray.

How exciting, this morning I am scrolling through my Dashboard with the little snippets from all the blogs I follow to see what you all have been creating. Next minute my reindeer card pops up and I think that's mine...then I read the heading ...saying I was the winner. Thanks so much Jamie for the challenge. As I said I have never put so much on a card and it was definitely a challenge but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Be sure to visit over at Crafty Creations Challenge and see this weeks Inspiration Challenge.


  1. fantastic pincushions,
    congratulations on winning the challenge,

  2. Fabulous pincushions,enjoy your day at the market,thats what I will be doing soon!!! Congratulations on winning the challenge!!

  3. Those are the cutest pin Cushions!!!


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