Thursday, July 2, 2009

Few More Photos of Behana Gorge, Queensland

Can't help but share some more lovely photos that my son (15yo) took on our walk into Behana Gorge. Weird isn't the things we get photos from. Yesterday I the photos were from my phone today these are from our video camera. Next time we will take the camera so that we can get some

Yes, this is me heading off down the warned there are a few hills to climb up and down.

The water pipe that supplies the Gordonvale area with drinking water. Oh and me, my daughter in pink, her friend and our dog Scruff. #No dogs are not allowed....shhhhhh!

This the beautiful thinking spot I posted yesterday.

Isn't nature amazing!

My dog Scruff and I

What more can I say that just 'beautiful'.


  1. O.M.G. I don´t know Autralia ,but i know it by pictures and videos and i love it..hugs jLaura

  2. Hi Merry - lovely photos! Another place on my looong list of places to see!

  3. Gosh...I was here 22 years ago, scratched my then girlfriends name in the moss that grows on the pipeline...

  4. It is beautiful. I live in a desert so this looks so very refreshing. I won't tell anyone a dog went along - it was all just family, right?! Lol.


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