Monday, July 27, 2009

Flower Inchies

While checking out peoples blogs I have seen lots of Inchies around the place. They always look terrific and of course, thought I must try that. Well I finally did sit down and have a you know how small an inch is? I now have a new admiration for the inchies I have seen as some people have so much embellishment on them. Amazing.
Anyhow, I have started a weekly challenge over at Craftmad to create inchies. Well it will be weekly when my computer works weekly. :-) First theme was flowers and this is what I created. Today I have put the the theme of 'Black and White' up and now I must get creating.
Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Oh My,
    I had heard of these, but never have attempted one,
    yours are gorgeous,

  2. That looks like fun. Let me know if you get something going. Sharon

  3. Have not heard of these before,but you have done a fabulous job with them,I don't think I would have the


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