Monday, April 24, 2017

Royal Caribbean - Radiance of the Seas - New Zealand - Pt 4 (final)

Hi everyone, the last lot of photos from our cruise.  Lucky that I am only sharing the few photos I took on our tablet and not my husbands 600+ on his camera which he is currently editing. :-)

The photo above is taken at Akaroa where we anchored so we could visit Christchurch.  Due to the earthquake 6 years ago cruise ships no longer pull into Christchurch so this means a tender and a 1 1/2 hour bus trip to Christchurch but with such beautiful countryside to view even on a cold rainy day who cares.  Although we did not realise that the township of Akaroa would be so pretty and we are keen to visit again one day and check this place out.

Taken from the bus, a view back to our ship.

Christchurch is stil repairing and rebuilding itself from the earthquakes six years ago.  On one hand it is sad to see such destruction and knowing people have lost lives and employment.  Then on the other hand this has created employment for a huge group of people redesigning the city and reconstructing. Also as we were driving in the bus driver pointed out a suburb of Christchurch that before the earthquake was really becoming a place nobody wanted to go but now is full of activity as a lot of the businesses moved there from the city.  There is now lots of parking in Christchurch as a lot of the buildings have been demolished and vacant blocks are left.  Walls of buildings are supported by shipping containers until work can commence on them.

More work being carried out.  I was just thinking I did not take a photo of all that is good in Christchurch.  Please visit as it is alive and well and plenty to do, we actually ran out of time and didn't get to do a few of the things on our list - like the tramcar tour.

We did however make our way to the Gondola to see the most amazing views.  The rain had stopped while we did the ride so could enjoy and even clearer view.

The view from the top of Christchurch harbour.

View of Lyttelton Harbour… pretty.  After the Gondola ride we got back to the ships bus meeting spot with 1/2 hour to go so not long enough to take our planned tram car ride.  Instead we ventured into the warm and dry museum which had amazing displays then journeyed back to the ship.  Definitely not enough time on this stop over.

Due to cyclone Debbie following us on our travels we had to miss pulling into Dunedin where we had a wonderful train trip booked. :-(  An extra day at sea. :-(  Apparently, the winds were picking up in the afternoon which would have made it hard for the ship to leave the port at Dunedin.  

Our next place to visit were the 'sounds' which are stunning, awesome and if you get a chance to see them please do as the photos don't do them justice.  The photo above is as we entered Dusky Sound.  It was freezing….well for a person that comes from tropics.  I did a quick walk around the ship, took some photos then found a little corner next to a full glass window inside and admired from there.

Dusky Sound

We then travelled to Doubtful Sound and the views just got better a little warmer also as the day went on.

Doubtful Sound

Entering Milford Sound by far the best although all were spectacular.  Much warmer now as I stayed out on deck for the whole venture into the Sound and back out.

Milford Sound

Milford Sound

Milford Sound and snow capped mountains in the distance.

Milford Sound

This was the last of our ports of call we then headed back to Sydney with two sea days. 

My husband snapped this amazing sunset photo at the end of the 1st sea day returning home.  As you can see the sea was still not rough and we had a very calm journey all the way.  I was worried when we started as I had heard lots of stories of it being rough between Australia and New Zealand and even my husband could vouch for that as he was in the Navy and remembers a few rough trips.  Yes, he did enjoy the cruise style much more. :-)

We arrived back to Sydney in the early hours of the day a beautiful sight to end the trip.

I don't know if I am being biased but I think that Sydney harbour is the prettiest of all the harbours I have ever pulled into on a ship.  

Thanks for visiting a leaving lovely comments over my four post New Zealand trip.  If ever you get the chance to visit New Zealand take it as it is a beautiful country.  


  1. TYFS your pics - Someone I worked with now lives in Christchurch and another friend has caught up with her in NZ - she is now moving to Australia though. Would love to visit NZ and Australia one day.

  2. Looks like it was a wonderful trip! Liked looking at the nice photos you took.

  3. Beautiful country even on a rainy day and yes, nothing like Sydney Harbour.


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