Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter and a quick trip to Karumba

Happy Easter everyone, I hope the day goes as you plan.  A nice quiet day at home for myself and husband as we returned earlier this week from a two week cruise of New Zealand.  I will share photos soon.  Yesterday, I returned from a two day trip to Karumba in the of Gulf Carpentaria.  My little brother drove all the way and we spread Dad's ashes at a lovely little weir just north of Normanton.  Dad was a sales rep at one stage and used to travel out there frequently, we also visited on a few family camping trips too.  My brother now does trips up this way often so he can give Dad a wave as he passes on by.

I just love this scenery as to me this is what Australia is although I have never lived in such an area.

This is an 8 hour trip Gordonvale to Karumba and these days it bitumen all the way.  There is about 100km left of this single lane strip. 

There were lilies everywhere as well as bird life which was too hard to capture in a photo while driving. We saw loads of wildlife while driving to and from and of course when I got the camera out it all disappeared.  Snakes, hawks, wedge tail eagle, pee wees, brolgas, spoon bill herons, willy wagtails, galahs, corella's, jabirus, ground parrots, wallabies and to top it off a turtle crossing the road. :-)

Dads final resting place.

Karumba Sunset

Norman River at Karumba


  1. Beautiful photos Merry and a very lovely final resting place for your father...Loz

  2. Love the photos Merry and a beautiful resting place for your dad....look forward to seeing your next post....Have a lovely Easter...x

  3. TYFS such beautiful photos. Look forward to see your NZ ones. RIP to your Dad and a lovely place for his ashes to be.

  4. Hope you have a nice relaxing Easter, Merry. Loved your photos with all those blue skies and the nice resting place for your father. Hugs!

  5. Beautiful resting place for your Dad Merry. Stunning photos. Thank you for sharing.Kx


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