Sunday, April 23, 2017

Royal Caribbean - Radiance of the Seas - New Zealand Pt 3 - Cardmaking

During the sea days I took myself off to the card making classes held by a wonderful lady named Carol Day who when not cruising runs a little business called 3D Art in Carselkdine near Brisbane Queensland.  Sadly she does not have a website or Facebook page otherwise I would share.  Just for the shear fact the amount of work she put into preparing each kit for us.  We literally had to sit and adhere everything together.   Actually this project above - the bon bon gift holder we had to cut four triangles, which were pre marked, in to the card stock to create the diamonds at the top to enable the bon bon to bend in.  Carol doesn't do a lot of cards when she is ashore with her group of ladies as she concentrates more on papertoles.  

Such a simple way to change the card by folding the front back on itself….I really like this design.  Yes, Carol had inked every one of those clouds for us.  Carol had made up 40 kits for every class - 160 clouds pre inked.  :-0

These cards were such fun to put together, it was nice to have an hour of sitting with like minded people and I am sure all our husbands enjoyed the peace and quiet too.  

We took over one of the pubs on the ship for and hour.  You can see my grey hair directly under the first L in QUILL. :-)

This was our final card of the cruise and what a way to finish.  Imagine, Carol sat and die cut 40 of each level and then had pushed out any of those fiddly bits that don't come out with the die.  Each layer of blue is adhered to a piece of vellum which is then attached with foam tape to a layer of white to give a shadowy effect.  The flowers were die cut and we pleated each leaf to give this terrific effect.  Yes, this would be my favourite.


  1. Vaauuu.. On todella upeita kortteja ♥♥

  2. Hi Merry, wow that's a lot of crafting, beautiful creations, have to say I don't know how the lady running the class had the patience for all that cutting and inking, she must be

  3. beautiful cards! so jealous of your trip :) have loved seeing your pics!

  4. Fantastic cards Merry. Lucky you had a great card maker on the cruise..Loz

  5. wow - how great to make such lovely cards on the ship. Sometimes its nice just to sit and follow instructions.

  6. Beautiul crafts, what a bonus on what looks like a wonderful trip.


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