Thursday, April 20, 2017

Royal Caribbean - Radiance of the Seas - New Zealand Pt 2

Arrival into Auckland

Clock tower at University of Auckland

Just loved this tree at Albert Park Auckland

Our ship

Sky Tower Auckland.  My husband did the jump from the top……192m :-0  I calmly sat at the bottom and videoed the experience.  My husband was the talk of the cruise and he got to show off the video to a lot of people….we didn't come across any other crazy person that had done it on the entire cruise. :-)

Next stop was Tauranga where we hired a car and drove to Rotorua to spend the day with my old school friend and her husband.

My friend and her husband took us for a tour of all the beautiful lakes close to where they live….like literally on their doorsteps.  As we were going around they were saying to each other we should start coming back to these places.  We all do that don't we forget what we have right under our noses.

Another lake.

And yet another lake, all with extraordinary views.

On our car trip we saw lots of kiwi fruit farms.  

and rolling green hills which is New Zealand to me.

Sunset as we left Tauranga

This was our morning arrival into Wellington….living up to its name wet and windy.

We took the cable car to the top - Kilburn

Tram car tracks

View of Wellington from the top.

A different position of a view from the top.

Since we were up there we thought we would have a look at the botanic gardens.  I surprised how many flowers were still out since it was Autumn

I just liked the look of this tree, we did make it to a rose garden and had lunch in the cafe but all the photos are on my husbands camera but I can assure you the roses were very pretty.

After the Botanic Gardens were rode the tramcar back down to the shopping centre and wandered around for a little while.  Found Cuba Street which my husband had read in reviews before leaving it was the place to see….nope….we think the reviews were possibly 5 years old.  A lot of closed shops. The photo above is the view of Wellington as sailed out of the harbour.

More photos soon. 


  1. Beautiful pictures, what a fabulous trip....x

  2. Kauniita kuvia. Ihana reissu teillä ♥

  3. Amazing photos thank you for sharing them x

  4. Great photos Merry Thanks for sharing your holiday with us.


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