Monday, April 17, 2017

Royal Caribbean Cruise - Radiance of the Seas - New Zealand Pt1

We have just returned from a fantastic cruise of New Zealand.  Both my husband and I have been to New Zealand a number of times and love the place although it has been a long time in between visits when we sat a worked it all out.  Approx 20 years for both of us. :-0  We splurged a lot and booked a suite which was very comfortable although I think a balcony cabin will suffice in future.  This is our view of Sydney Harbour from our room.  We booked this cruise mid 2016 and so the weekend before the cruise and Cyclone Debbie pops up we were constantly watching the weather.  Thankfully for us we managed to stay one step in front of her.  Debbie didn't hit Cairns but she cause lots of damage in the Whitsundays with her winds and then continued down the coast with flooding, she then travelled all the way to New Zealand and caused flooding in places we had just seen the day before.  As it was the plane flight to Sydney to catch the cruise we had to fly out west to fly around her.

This was the weather and view for two sea days.

Spoilt with flash chocolates.

View of the Atrium from our floor level.

Looking back up from floor of Atrium

First stop was Bay of Islands we pulled into Waitangi and tendered to Piahia.  We then caught a ferry over to Russell which was New Zealand's first capital.  This is the bay in Russell……I think I could happily retire here.

This is a little coffee shop that is attached to the oldest printery of New Zealand.  We did a tour of the printery but the photos are still on my husbands camera.  All photos I am sharing I took on our tablet… lucky you don't have to sit through the other hundreds of photos. :-)

How lucky was I, my husband did't agree.  First port of call and find a craft market.  Lovely works inside.

Our view for lunch…..again, I could retire here.

Just love this sign with the succulents and rusted iron.

How amazing is this, all the cushions were crossed stitch with a different picture on each.  All pews in the church had them.

Christ Church the oldest church in New Zealand.

Thanks for visiting.  I have decided to break down the photos into a couple of posts as I wanted to share lots. :-)  So more to come tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful cruise Merry. Your photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing Kx

  2. Oh Merry these are stunning, what a beautiful place, not surprised you loved it so.....
    I have to confess to a tear or two at the picture of the Opera house , my dad loved Australia, but never saw the Opera house and always wanted to go, never did make that trip, life gets in the way sometimes...but it always touches my heart....silly I know....anyway, glad you had such a lovely time...Thanks for sharing...xx

    1. Yes, New Zealand is a beautiful place Janette and well worth a visit. When we returned to Sydney I said to my husband that Sydney is the best harbour to come in to out of all the places we have arrived on ship. I don't think I am biased because I am Aussie but I think the Opera House and the Bridge just make it a wonderful sight. I am discovering it is those little things that remind me of my Dad too and give me a teary moment. Hugs.

  3. Oi, teillä on ollut niin ihana risteily. Kauniita kuvia. Hyvää pääsiäistä.

  4. These photos brought back lovely memories of New Zealand for me. All the photos are so well taken and thank you for taking us along with you on your beautiful journey - blue skies, hand embroidered cushions, and the great, great sea. So happy for you. One day, I want to go on a cruise too.

    1. Thanks Monica. I love New Zealand and I am lucky to have been four times now and there is still so much to see. I really did find this cruise relaxing as I normally feel like a caged tiger on the sea days but this time I just went with the flow. The bit I love about cruises is finding our room unpacking at the beginning and then packing at the end. Then waking up in a different part of the world each day with nothing to do but explore.

  5. Looks like you had a fantastic cruise Merry. I agree that a craft market was the first place to visit..Beautiful photos ..Loz

  6. Enjoyed your photos, Merry! Those church cushions are way too pretty to sit on!


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