Saturday, April 22, 2017

March Craftmad Card Swap - Drips and Spatters

March at Craftmad was all about Spatters and Drips another swap I really enjoyed.  I had two partners for this swap - the reason why there are two cards the same.

I googled as I always do and found this artwork by Popwheel Art I liked so had a go at making it into a card.  

Opinions please.  As I add the link to the artwork I saw on google, I am wondering if I have crossed that copyright line?  I have copied it as I loved the image I saw.  I quite often copy something that I google but normally they are cards and there are lots of the same style cards pop up in the search so therefore I feel I am adding to the collection and I always try and link back to the image I found.  This time though it is artwork and someone is trying to sell it. Curious.

To create the card I dug out some white card stock and my acrylic paints.  The greens and yellow I splattered with my paintbrush and then daubs of red, yellow and purple for the flowers.  Finish with a gold spritz.  I then layered up the cards with card stock that matched the flowers. Add black corners as this looked like artwork or a photo hence the signature in the corner.

I really love the end results of this card although it took me a lot of playing with my Copic ink refills and copic pens to get here.  I started with white gloss card which I coloured in strips in the colour of the rainbow with my Copic pens.  I then used the lightest of my two Copic pen ink refills to add drops to the inks, enjoyed watching the colours merge. Layered this all up on to glitter card stock and black card stock to make the rainbow colours pop.

So nice of you to visit, hoping you are having a lovely day.


  1. These are so creative Merry, love how the flowers appear in the midst of such an explosion of colour...x

  2. They are Fantastic Merry. i love the splatter effect and rich colours on the cards..loz

  3. Great cards. I bought some poppy red ink for that very purpose, but not got around to it yet.

  4. These are just wonderful! I love the color choices you used too.

  5. Love both your cards Wendy, just not sure about the copyright business. I guess I just go along with imitation is the greatest form of flattery.


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