Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Disappearing Nine Block and Frogs

This is the Disappearing Nine block that I made up for Cathy of Craftmad.  It was the last block that I sewed for our Craftmad Family Quilt.  We have started this month on swapping Churn Blocks for six month.  Each month we will have a new bright colour to use with our background black fabric.  I am really excited about this new quilt.  Hoping to get to it today.  Our colour this month is green and I have bought the fabric and rinsed it.  Just need to sit and cut the pieces and start sewing.  The other project I am trying to finish at the moment is my monthly doodle calendar page.  Day 18 of July and I haven't even started on July.  Finished colouring in June's last night although I have a few empty boxes on there.

Took these frog photos last week.  Our huge frog visitor returned two more nights you can see how big he is in this post here.  Sadly, he hasn't been showing up since about Wednesday last week.

This guy here on the old fluro light frame is our regular frog and only half the size of the guy above.  Every night as I take the dog out for his last walk of the night I check where this frog is sitting and make sure he is not ready to jump on me as I walk through the door below him.

Have a wonderful day.....I hope to find the time to finish off a few projects.


  1. Thanks Merry, the block has arrived safely - apologies for not letting you know sooner - perfect colours for me, thanks so much ;-)

  2. Beautiful quilt block and hope your frog pal comes to visit again soon!

  3. Nice block! I've been meaning to try this pattern. BTW, belated wishes on your 25th anniversary!

  4. WOW such beautiful colours in your is going to look spectacular when finished!!! A cute frog,though I now I wouldn't touch

  5. Very beautiful quilt!
    Love the colors!!
    WOW that frog is big!
    We have green ones here but they are small.

  6. He is huge!! Hope he comes back.

  7. awesome block and great froggies, you must have a great environment there for them! I love seeing them!

  8. That is one big frog. So interesting. Our frogs look different from your little (or should I say "big"?) friend.


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