Thursday, April 14, 2011

Flashback Friday Challenge #10 - Stitching

I so love this challenge although I have only entered it once before.  Silly me forgot to follow so that I could remember the name.  Thankfully a blog I follow mentioned this challenge and here I am again.

It's called Flashback Friday and they challenge you to go back on your blog and find the first card you posted that is relevant to their challenge.  This time it is the first project with stitching on.  Here is mine.  I really do like to stitch around the edges of my cards.  Shame I can't leave my machine set up as I think I would do it more often.

When doing the challenge you have to remember to repost the card into a current post.

******Sorry to edit this so many times.  I was just sitting here rereading what I had typed on the post.  Then trying to remember the card that I had entered in my other one and only Flashback Friday challenge. was this same card.  Can you believe it!!  
You can see it wash Flashback Challenge 4.0 and asked for your first ever Christmas card.***************

Sorry I haven't been around much....I have caught up on a couple of blogs I like to follow but not all.  The kids and life are once again keeping me busy.

Work experience for my daughter which she is loving but this means two hours out of my day driving.  But hey, I get chatting time with her.
Our son is dealing with a passing of friend from school.  They were not best buddies but in the same year level and have spent time together in the past four years.  Some our sons mates have known this boy since they started school.  So seeing them so upset is also affecting our son.  
Personally, I didn't know this boy but it just puts you in a quieter mood and I have been doing lots of thinking.  My heart so goes out to the family that has to deal with this.

On another start school holidays this Friday for ten either will have time at home while they are off with their mates or we will be tripping around.

Take care....and I will catch up with you soon.


  1. Just wanted to add a little more detail but not for the whole world. This boy should have turned 18 this coming Saturday so his mates are organising a get together in his memory. He had respiratory problems and this appears to be the cause. To make it even sadder and this is why my heart goes out to the poor family. This all happened as they were travelling to see their other son that was in a coma from a motorbike accident. Sadly, this boy is now out of a coma and apparently has 70% brain damage. There is also a daughter. How hard it must be for this family to deal with so many emotions.

  2. I remember this card Merry, how fun, love the embossing folder!

    SO sorry to hear about this young man, how devastasting. You sometimes question the way of the world when things like this happen, its just puzzling.

    I hope they have lots of love and strength around them at this time, and hope your son can get through this too. all the best. xoxo

  3. How aweful for family.

    On a more positive note - this is a lovely card. Very inspiring.

  4. My heart goes out to that boys family....such a difficult time. Many prayers sent that way to give them all strength.

    And your stitching is lovely on your card!

  5. Oh, this card is lovely--and all the way from 2003?? Wow!! I love the embossing and wonderful Christmas design. Thanks so much for playing along with Flashback Friday 10.0. I loved seeing your wonderful first creation with stitching on it!!

  6. i love all the textures on your card. so beautiful! so sorry to hear that your son is dealing with such a hard news. my heart goes out to the family, too.

  7. Hi Merry, Your card is fab, love stitching to but machine is kerrput...

    Sorry to hear the very sad news, the family must be reeling, for his friends, it's possibly there first real taste of something like this, hope your son and his friends are coping...take care, hugs Janette.xx

  8. I love that you have the opportunity to post this gorgeous card twice for the Flashback Friday challenge...I adore the stitching and embossing...excellent job! Thanks so much for joining us in the Flashback Friday Fun!

    On another sad note, that is such sad news about your son's heart goes out to the family and to all the classmates...sad, sad, sad.

  9. Wow...such a pretty mix of elements! Great job!

  10. Oh Merry, sending hugs and special thoughts to your sons friend's family!

    Thanks for the reminder on the Flashback Friday! Love your stitching! Have a wonderful weekend, take careX:)


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