Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birthday Clown Card and Pay it Forward

Morning everyone, another wonderful day here in North Queensland.  Although the clouds are creeping in....but that would be good timing as the gardens are starting to dry out a little.   Some rain would be great for the vegie garden I rediscovered on the weekend.   The 1m high weeds are gone....found three pineapple plants, garlic chives and two types of mint.  Oh, and lots of lots of worms.  The most I have ever seen in my garden so this made me very happy and keen to plant.  I planted some corn seeds and six tomato seedlings that my wonderful mother had given to me the weekend before.  My motivation. :-)

Now on to my card.  Finally found another clown image to made up a card for the the When I Grow Up challenge at Stamping Vacation closes 3rd May.  Yes, it's all about clowns.  I printed off this fantastic clown image.  Sorry not sure where I got this from....something called Make and Share?  If you know I would love to correct this.  I found this lovely spotted paper from a magazine giveaway and used those colours to colour my clown.  I used my Aquamarker pens and a touch of Kindy Glitz.  I then dug out my Stampin Up card which I still so love for matching colours.  Started with SU Tangerine Tango and SU Taken with Teal.  Finished with these wonderful letter stickers from the Sticker Store.

Just had a discussion with my daughter on how lucky I was that I had the right amount of circles to place the letters and the all the letters to spell the words.  Would be nice to say that was the plan.  However, I did panic when I discovered most of my alphabets are missing 'happy birthday' letters.  The fact that I have right amount of circles was shear luck. :-)


Now on to something different.

"Pay It Forward" is the idea of blessing someone with a random act of kindness without expecting anything in return. It’s passing on a kindness, hoping that your recipients will do the same, and forming a never-ending chain of goodwill. But it isn’t only kindness, it is also a means to connect and share instead of just keeping it to ourselves.

Fun right?

Recently I entered into Corry's Whopping Candy (closed now).  Corry added a extra little challenge for this candy.  She offered a sketch to complete a card to win a seperate prize.  This is my entry here.  Now the sketch was a 'Pay it Forward' gift from Claudia and Corry kindly sent everyone that used this sketch a 'Pay it Foward Gift'  some lovely papers and a beautifully coloured Tilda on a tag.

So now it is my turn take part in this 'Pay it Forward' chain.

I have these two, envelopes which will be filled with some papers, something from me and something from my area, envelopes ready for:


You do not have to continue this chain of Pay it Foward but would love it if you did.
I sure hope you all take the time to pay it forward. 
There's nothing better than sending, sometimes a complete stranger, a little something to say hi! 


  1. Great card, Merry, I love the clown image you have used.

  2. I love to send out little crafty gifts to my blogger friends .Count me in for this one.

  3. wow I love your clowns they are all so funny!

    Best wishes ILO

  4. awesome card, I was going to say too how lucky to have the right amount of circles and letters! hehe!

    The Pay it Forward is an awesome idea!

  5. Great clown and yes, good thing there were enough circles! That pay it forward idea sounds cool!

  6. really fun clown card, Merry! so cute!

  7. the clown card is brilliant so bright and colourful best wishes Lesley x


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