Wednesday, April 13, 2011

List of Fours

Stacie from All Things Crafty has tagged me to play along and after I am done I will be passing this on to 4 other people!

4 Shows you watch:
1. Project Runway
2. Cold Case
3. Warehouse 13
4. Hotel Inspector

4 Things you are passionate about:
1. Our kids
2. Crafting
3. Exercising (but not overly passionate....can miss doing any for a couple of days)
4. Food

4 Words/phrases you say a lot:
1. It's your turn to take the rubbish out
2. Set the table
3. Any dirty clothes in the wash now
4. OK

4 Things you've learned about the past:
1. Try not to worry as it will work out.
2. All smudges on cards can be covered by a butterfly
3. Get your wheels align early otherwise it could mean four new tyres...ouch!!
4. Buon giorno is for the morning and Buon sera is evening.

4 Places you would like to go:
1. Back to Italy
2. Finland
3. Canada
4. Places in Australia I haven't seen

4 Things you did yesterday:
1. played tennis
2. swept the floor
3. coffeed with a friend
4. drove to Cairns and back twice

4 Things you are looking forward to:
1. Relay for Life 18/19th June
2. Travelling to Brisbane with our son for an Open day at a Media College
3. The possibility of another trip with my hubby
4. The weekend

4 Things you love about spring:
1. The weather
2. Flowers
3. Playing in the garden
4. Butterflies

Tag 4 people to play along:
1. Kaye
2. Alisha
3. Thearica
4. Paola


  1. sounds great Merry ;-)

  2. Lovely learning more about you! Is the Hotel Inspector show about finding bad stuff in hotels??


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