Monday, April 25, 2011

Amazing cards created by Laura of Mi Sello Personal

Morning everyone, I just have to share these absolutely amazing cards.  
These cards were created by the very talented Laura over at Mi Sello Personal.
I have been following her blog for a little while now and seeing her amazing work. So way back in January I sent an email and asked if she would make four cards for my wonderful school friends. (Known each other 30 + years now, omg!) :-0
The plan was to give them one each on their birthdays. Well I think that the work that has gone into these cards is too fantastic to hold on to so I gave them to my friends on the weekend.
We had a get together for a farewell.
As one of our friends is taking a once in a lifetime journey to Italy for 6 months and leaves at the end of the month......we are all just a tad jealous.
Anyways, I sent Laura a couple of photos of us all together and told her a few details about ourselves and this is what she came up with.
This is while her sister was seriously ill and herself not well at all.  That is why her blog is so quiet.
So I think Laura is a very generous person.

Now the first card I have sent to our friend who is now living in New Zealand but luckily we get to see her every one or two years.  She is the one with the little black dog beside her....a labrador called 'Guinness'.  Then it's me, next is my crafty friend Helen that I mention from time to time, then the friend that is a mad keen photographer and at the end our running and cycling friend.
So everything on this card Laura has created.  There are layers of papers for the ocean, the palm trees are fringed, she has drawn each of us.

Look at the bike on this card.....drawn and cut out by Laura.  I so love how she has used the movie advert as the background.  So so clever.

Yes, this is us to a tee....we love to have our coffee get togethers.  Although, they seem to be a bit spread out these days as our families grow older.  I love the detail of the faux stitching around all the edges.

It seems I have a couple of photos of us altogether on a lounge somewhere posing for our photo.
So this is, so us.  I bet we all wished we fit on the lounge as well as we do on this card.  lol
Once again....amazing details all created by Laura's artwork.

I hope you have enjoyed these cards.  I certainly found it hard to part with them but luckily have these photos.

Have a great Easter Monday which is also ANZAC day here in Oz.
A day to remember all those we have lost in past wars and the soldiers, sailors and airmen currently serving overseas.
We will be down at the local parade as our daughter proudly marches each year and I proudly watch.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful cards Merry - such a wonderful person to go to that amount of work for you.

  2. WOW, these are all so awesome!

    What a talented lady, so cool to have personalised keepsakes for all your friends and memories!

  3. Wonderfully detailed cards!! Laura did a fantastic job!! Happy Easter! Oh and I am also VERY jealous of your friend going to Italy for 6 months! Think she would mind a roomie from the USA? LOL!

  4. Right, Amazing cards, what details. Work of art! TFS

  5. These cards are amazing!!! What a wonderful gift for your friends!!
    Alicia xx

  6. These cards are amazing. Off to check out her blog.

  7. Amazing cards Merry! Laura is very talented! What wonderful keepsakes for your very lucky friends lol! Take CareX:)


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