Monday, March 26, 2012

Wet, wet, wet here (and swap blocks)

It comes as no surprise that it is wet here this morning as it is our wet season.  The surprise was to how much water was coming down.  Of course as I drove our daughter to school it was pouring down and the gutters along the way were very flooded, our creek was just below the bridge.  But now that I am back home it has eased off a little although as I type this I can hear the next heavy rain coming.  This is the view from my craft/computer room.  

Was wondering what I would share with you today.  Due to the rain I once again can't share a project that I am keen to share with you.  I have made something for one of my friends and was going to hand it over last Thursday but due to another friend having a really bad ear infection, and still does, we didn't catch up.  Plan was coffee this morning but where my friend lives tend to get flooded in in rain like this, so not today.  Maybe Thursday this week as we all plan to catch up then.  Can't share as I know that Helen does visit it my blog.  Waves to Helen. :-)  Although she has seen parts of this project some has changed at the end so will keep a little surprise.

I have no craft from myself to share as hubby and I spent the weekend in Brisbane.  Fantastic.  We went and saw Miriam Margolyes in Dickens Women.  Hubby had booked this so I really didn't know what to expect.  I had seen her on a Graham Norton show and thought she was quite funny.  So if anything I was expecting a little more humour in the show, there was some.  However, I did learn an awful lot about Charles Dickens.  Never read any of his books although watched Scrooge (A Christmas Carol) on TV often, Oliver Twist also.  I found Miriam's show very interesting and fantastic to see her bring the characters to life.  I think I have come away from the show curious now.  So would recommend.  However, it is not to everyones the couple beside us who made it to interval and left. :-)

Thought this would be a good time to share the three blocks that I received for our Craftmad February Quilt Block swap.  February we had to swap a 'String Block'.  This one I received from Cathy....aren't the fabric's just beautiful.

This block is from the wonderful Kelly.  Love the combo of greens, maroon, and pinks.

Last but by no means least this bright and cheerful block from Annette.  Please excuse the fold lines...I should have ironed it before photographing.  Annette had sent it all so neatly to me...this is the way I had stored it.

Well enjoy your day where ever you may be.


  1. awesome blocks! I love them all!

    We are getting similar weather here, more rain today and expected this week!

  2. How pretty, Merry...

    Rain, rain go away...

    Monica xxx

  3. Pretty yard!!
    Love all of your quilt blocks you received so pretty!!
    Thank you for the well wishes Im still recuperating.

  4. Hope you are not swimming in all the down pours yet. Loving these quilt blocks and the swop is a great idea. Are you girls making up a quilt in the end with all the swopped blocks?

  5. Believe it or not Merry, we actually need rain here in the UK, despite it only just being Spring, they are predicting hosepipe bans.

    More beautiful patchwork.

    b x

  6. Glad you had a great time in Brisbane - how far is it from Gordonville? I love the theatre - Glad you learn't abit more about Charles Dickens too take care Lelsey x

  7. That is lots of rain! Keep your feet up so they don't get wet! LOL! The Charles Dickens thing sounds interesting....glad you got time away to spend with hubby!


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