Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Doodle Calendar

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Well, finally a week behind, I can show you my completed February Doodle Calendar page.  I had a lot of fun this month with the larger squares to draw in (well doodle).  Time got away with me about a half way through February and I found I had to sit and try and remember something I had done a week ago.  That is hard work.  

Here is my March page ready to go.  Yes, I already have seven days to doodle in.  I am so enjoying creating these pages and using stamps I just haven't used.  The whole idea of this calendar came from The Kathryn Wheel Blog.  This is owned by Kate who is very inspirational and she has added a link up gadget so people can show off their versions of calendar.  The entries are very inspiring and have helped me each month change my pages.  Only the third month and I can see a huge improvement from January here.  Each month I visit a lot of the entries to get ideas from their pages.  So this month as I am using watercolour paper with a paintbrush I brushed water over the entire page.  Then I watered down some blue and yellow acrylic paints and painted stripes of these across the page.  It was fun watching them merge.  When I had finished I actually noticed that some water seemed to have pooled on the page so I took it to the sink and held it up so the water would run off.  Best bit....the colours all merged beautifully.  I am not sure of the brand of this stamp set as it was given to me by my friend Mandy a little while ago.  First time I have used most of these stamps.  The lettering for the word 'March' is a $2.00 set from Crazy Clarkes.  For the days of this month I thought I would try out the Bleed Proof Paper from Blue Edge Crafts.  So I cut out the rectangles and attached with double sided tape.  My plan is to doodle around the edge of all these days.  Although I hope to find a stronger coloured fine black pen that is water resistant any suggestions appreciated.

Thats it for me.  If you have the time please check out everyones calendars as there are so many beautiful pages.


  1. I love this project!

    love Tilda sitting on the botton of Febs!

    and love the lovely flourishes and butterflies on March's!

  2. Such a fun and creative idea!! Love all the paint!!
    Love this idea!!

  3. This is so creative. Love your drawing work on this and the colours are just perfect.

  4. Very nice calendar pages! Love your drawing and March page is so "springish":)I am very happy your hand is better!

  5. Very creative Merry and probably no surprise that I love March.

    I think your page would fit very nicely into our Springtime theme at Penny Black and More

    B x

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  7. This is Fantastic Merry. Loz

  8. I am so glad to see you here. I love your beautiful March calendar. You know how much I love your cards.

  9. what a fun calendar, Merry! love the doodles! super project!

  10. These really do look amazing! The top pic reminds me of the game candyland or something! So fun!

  11. Wow! Merry, your calendar pages are just gorgeous! What a great idea!! Love the one for March, it is sooo pretty.
    Alicia xx


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