Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Seems like my secret is out. :-)

Morning everyone, and what a terrific day it is.  I was very surprised this morning when I received a lovely birthday message from Michelle - Ultimate Whirligig.  Was thinking she was a very good detective as I don't have my birth date in my profile at all.  I then went to my blogroll to start checking out what everyone has been creating and I spy a post from my wonderful friend Stacie at All Things Crafty posting about a Surprise Birthday Blog hop for me.  How special do I feel.  It has really made my day.  

Stacie has organised all the wonderful Unstampabelles Design Team members to post a surprise post for me on their blogs, you can find their blogs listed on the sidebar of Unstampabelles here.  Not only that, they share with you a card from them that I will be lucky enough to receive in my mailbox. Huge Grins.

So that is the secret that is out.  Thank you Lovely Ladies. :-)

The photo above is the third String Block that I sent out for the February Craftmad Family Quilt Block swap.  I was a little slower with this one as I had to wait till I went to town to buy a couple more pinks to add to the block.  I am really happy with this combo and love the fabrics.  Hopefully, this has found its way to Annette over in Perth.

Well have a lovely day everyone,  I know I will.  :-)


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a lovely day :o)
    Jenni x

  2. What a lovely birthday surprise from the Unstampabelle gals, happy birthday from me as well!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Merry, sorry that my post got a bit mixed up... I scheduled it for my time 1 am but dunno what happened. Silly me... Anyway sending you huge amount of love.
    This quilt is awesome - such lovely colours... so very harmonious.

    Monica xxx

  4. Glad you've enjoyed it hun! You deserve it, have a great day!

    LOVE the hotpink quilt block, fantastic!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Merry. Hope you have a fantastic day and lots of craft goodies arrive..Hugs Loz

  6. Happy Birthday Merry, have a fantstic day : )

  7. Happy birthday and your quilt block is beautiful.

  8. Happy Birthday Merry ..hope you have a great fun filled day must have been so much fun to see your fellow Dt doing a surprise birthday blog hop for you!!

  9. Happy Birthday Merry and what a lovely surprise the girls organised for you.

    And what a super piece of patchwork, love the colours.

    B x

  10. Hi again! I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your great work Merry, and left you a little award over on my blog... just so you know your blog is loved x

  11. Happy Birthday Merry---may you have many wonderful crafty years ahead!

  12. What a lovely birthday surprise from the Unstampabelle girls.. Happy birthday from me as well and have a interesting and lovely next 365 days!!!Hugs Krassi

  13. Hello Merry,
    Happy Birthday to Holland it is still wednesday the 21th ☺☺☺
    I hope it was a special day for you.
    Hugs Wilma

  14. I'm so happy we could make your birthday extra special!! :)

    That is a beautiful block you have made!



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