Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Flashback Friday Challenge #12 - Summer Colours

Hi everyone another challenge has started over at Flashback Friday #12 this time they are asking for the first card you posted with Summer Colours.
(Remember you have to repost the card not link to the original post)

I had to dig all the way back to April 2009.
The thing I like about this challenge is seeing how much I have changed over time as I sift through all my posts for my entry.  I have also learnt that my cards tend to use Spring or Autumn tones.

On this card I have used some wonderful sailing boat stickers.  Water like paper for the ocean and torn some brown paper to create the rocky outlet for the lighthouse.  Then stamped up the word 'Summer' and cut each letter out.

P.S. I know of a great new challenge that is coming that this card would be perfect for. ;-)

Terrific Tuesday everyone.

P.S.  In the last couple of weeks someone posted how there husband came up with the idea of using canvases to create a lightbox.  Silly me, didn't bookmark the page and now I can remember which blog it was that I follow.  If you visit and it was you please can you let me know as I so want to have a go at it.  Thanks.


  1. Oh WOW! I love this card and how cute are those sailing boat stickers???
    A new challenge???? Tell us more Please!

  2. This new challenge sounds interesting Merry, I love this card a real Summer scene the paper really does give a water effect I think this is one super card.
    Lorraine x

  3. Love it!

    great sailboats,

    can't wait for a new challenge hehee

  4. such a fun summer scene! wonderful details. fab card, Merry!

  5. Such a fun scene you've created...the sailboats on the water are wonderful!!!! Earlier on in my blogging days it seems that I went with mostly fall/winter colors...now I'm definitely spring/summer:) Thanks so much for joining us at Flashback Friday!!!

  6. great scene! love the lighthouse in the background!

  7. A beautiful summery card. I love the seagulls. Thanks for joining in Friday Flashback 12.0 Kathleen x

  8. Fantastic card Merry - you've really done a great job of making the scene look 3D!

    What a great challenge - it's good to look back over our work and see how we've changed, it's refreshing :o)

  9. Your card is definitely the epitome of summer! Wish I could escape to such a scene!


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