Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A new Fabric Flower

Hi everyone,  yes I am having so much fun with these fabric flowers.  I found another one that I had to try.  I found a wonderful tutorial over at Wise Crafts.  There are six layers to this flower and the flower can be created within 20 mins.

Now this next photo is of my custard and muffin I was having for dessert the other night.  I was just about to sit down and eat it and my 15yo daughter walks by and yells 'stop, I have to get the camera'.  Now I new it looked yum but didn't think it was that flash that it deservd a photo.
Well my daughter didn't see custard and muffin she saw a


How cute is that.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone.


  1. This is my favourite flower so far ,I love the pretty fabric .The last two weeks of Autumn we had some sharp frosts but warm,dry and sunny during the day ,now Winter is here the temp is much warmer but very rainy.

  2. What a beautiful flower Merry and it goes perfectly with the scrummy heart muffin - maybe you had this flower in mind when you were baking the muffins?

    Great pick-up from your daughter too :o)

  3. aw yes I see the heart, how cool, and tasty!!!

    Love the flower, really pretty!!!

  4. mmmm custard!! Yummy.. I saw the heart first too, you must have just been too busy wanting to eat it!! Love the fabric flower ♥

  5. You sure are making some beautiful flowers lately!

    Awww, such a "sweet" dessert! :)

  6. both flower and desert look gorgeous best wishes Lesley x

  7. Hi Merry, Gorgeous flower, looks the pudding story..made me smile.xx

  8. I have to try those flowers!!!! That muffin must taste great. Mery once more, want to thank you for all your nice comments, you always have sweet words for me, thanks so much.

  9. That flower is sooooo pretty and the dessert look yummmmmy!!!

    xxx Monica


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