Monday, June 27, 2011


Morning everyone, just thought I would share where I have been every day this past week.  First it was about an hour of weeding and trimming and then an hour of shovelling mulch for each garden.  I it very much an aaaaaahhhhh moment with a smile now that I have finished.  The gardens are not the prettiest at this time of year as we are in Winter now flowers happening.  That is why I have cut everything back.

This is a closer look at the garden above.   

This garden is a before mulch and the bushes have not been trimmed.  Now they are all half the size. :-)

Not very pretty but hoping in a month it should look much better.

The last cubic metre.

My favourite garden which we refer to as the 'Triangle garden".

Our street was alive on Saturday....which was such a nice change but not something I would like often.  Once a year for the gymkhana (sp?) is great.  Apparently they had just over 60 entries all riding around in the arena area.  One of the committee members said they may have even made a profit this year....which is great to hear.

Yes, I am standing in our yard taking this photo.  I take where we live for granted sometimes until I see photos like this and it just reminds me how pretty of an area it is.

Well that is it for me today.  I promise I have some cards coming in the next few days.
Wishing you all a fun week.


  1. You do live in a very pretty area! I think we all have a tendency to take what we have for granted. But good to take notice once in awhile of what we DO have and be thankful! :)

  2. you have an awesome big yard, thats great!!!

  3. does your stag-horn just grow in the gardern like a bush?? bet you earned some blisters with all that shovelling :) ♥

  4. It is so much fun to see where you live. What a great place. All your hard work really shows in your gardens. I too like your triangle garden. Have a great week!

  5. Your garden is absolutely beautiful even though it's winter, I'd love to see some update piccy's in summer!

    I'm not a gardener myself but hubby is so I 'get' that a day in the garden can be very satisfying and rewarding for you green thumbs :o)

  6. I spent the day picking up sticks in my backyard (we've had some powerful thunderstorms in our area- summertime here), laundry, and writing a biography for my history blog. Fun, fun! Fun! Looks like you have mountains. Am I correct? We have hills around our little town, but my street is rather flat. There's a lake about a mile away with some beautiful scenery. Gotta scram. Have email to check.


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