Saturday, June 18, 2011

Realfood Box

Hi everyone, the start of a beautiful weekend here in Cairns.  The weather is looking perfect for our Relay for Life....although it will be chilly.  Currently 9 C, so glad I have my lovely big black jacket from our holiday at Christmas time.  We start walking at 3pm this arvo (Sat) and finish at 9am Sunday morning.  There are 32 of us walking around for the will manage a little sit down time. :-) Cairns has such supportive people....not sure what the exact total is now but as of Thursday they have 200 teams participating in this years Relay for Life in Cairns.  Which is once again a National record. :-)

Yesterday, disappeared on me although I did get a card made I can't share it just yet as it is part of my swap over at Craftmad.  So today I thought I would share with you the Real Food Box that we have started getting.  We have been picking this up for about a month now and totally enjoying all the goodness.  This is a box of local grown fruit and vegies and most of it is Organic grown or as close to as possible.  Every Tuesday we pick it up.  The only catch for us in Gordonvale is that the drop off point is way over the other side of Cairns, at Redlynch but if you have a great group of friends like I do you can work something out.

So each week we get a box full of fruit and vegies that are in season.  No we don't get to choose what we get it's all a surprise every time.  I think I am enjoying that bit the best.  I don't have to think what we are having and then when it arrives look up recipes to use what we recieve.  The majority of the box we normally buy anyways.  We have had eggplant (aubergine) and taro, two things that we have not had before.  I enjoyed the eggplant .... no-one else did.  The taro, amazed me at how much like potato it tastes when cooked up and mashed.  Could not get the kids to try this for the life of me.  I did try to make a Taro and Coconut cake but it ended up very gluggy.  Think I added to much Taro, so if we get it again I will have another try. Luckily these two things are not regulars in our box.

The regulars so far are pineapple, sweet potato, corn (not every box), garlic, chilli, lemon, mandarin, avocado, basil, strawberries, pumpkin (not every box), potato (not every box), red paw paw (papaya) , passionfruit, zucchini, lime, red grapefruit, tomato (but only a couple).

It think that is about it.  The box comes with more than I used to buy but we are eating most of it.  My Mum and Dad have scored a couple of things over the weeks.  Not much though.  So this has to be a good thing for us all.

So if you live the area....I really think this is a great thing to enjoy and help our local farmers.

(just remember the 'We deliver every Tuesday' is just to the Redlynch School)

For Stacie.....sorry I have taken so long to share this with you.
Sometimes we have had an excess of avocados so I went in search of a way to use them up.  I discovered Avocado milkshakes.   I love them....but I can't get anyone else to even try them.  Oh well, their loss.

Avocado Milkshake.

1 avocado
1 cup milk
4 ice cubes
a dash of vanilla
1 tbsp of sugar

Put these all into a container and blend.
Then drink.

Well have a wonderful weekend all.....I shall catch up with you Monday.


  1. It has been very cold down here,Wednesday only reached 9C .I'm not a big fan of aubergines but they are great when used with minced lamb to make moussaka which I doing today.
    The further North you go the ice gets thicker with less open water for the seals to come out so there are fewer polar bears.I cried when I saw the bears in this vast frozen waste and wondered how they managed to survive.It was a privilage to see them.

    Stay warm tonight.

  2. PS thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, too ;-)

  3. Looks awesome, nom!

    Enjoy it!!!

  4. Good luck with the walk Merry and I hope you raise a fortune for your efforts :o)

    I love the food box idea! We have a farmers shop here but they don't do the mixed box thing, if they did I would definitely be getting it. We grow some of our own veg which is really satisfying too.

  5. what a great variety of fruit and veggies. Is it me or the potato in the first picture looks like a pig head. You can cook taro like French Fries then may be your children would try some.

  6. Hi Merry, Love the sound of the 'box', as you say it helps local people to....sounds like your really having fun with it all...enjoy...hope your walk goes well, good luck.xx

  7. Good luck with the long walk...I would be a zombie the next day! Oh who am I kidding...that would take me a week to recoup! LOL!

    WOW! Look at all the food goodness!! Licking my chops!! LOL! Sounds like a good variety...I eat most of that stuff but have never heard of Taro. What a great mix! I am going to the store later tonight so I will be sure to pick me up an avocado to try this milkshake!! I gotta say it sounds and I would imagine looks gross but you never know unless you give it a try! So I will let you know what I think!

  8. Wow this recipe sounds great! ! ! Thanks for your warm comment on my sleeping blog! I will be back may be in September, cause I have ato go to a clinic on tuesday.

    Have a nice day!
    with best wishes ILo

  9. What yummy fresh fruit and that milkshake sounds delicious!
    Alicia xx

  10. Just popped in to have a little nose what you have been up to Merry and say thanks so much for your visits, I so appreciate them even if I can't gad about blogland as much I would like.

    B x


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