Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No flowers here.

View from Southbank to Brisbane Centre.

You will find no flowers amongst these photos.   This is my sons view of Brisbane.  Can you tell he loves buildings/design.  He did have plans to be an architect but digital filming has become his passion now.  I hope you enjoy our day in Brisbane.  I know that I saw a different perspective of the city to what I would have if I travelled by myself.

View of Brisbane centre from Southbank.

Outside Queensland Museum.

Me, walking from Southbank to Brisbane Centre.

The Wheel of Brisbane.

View from The Wheel of Brisbane.

on 'The Wheel of Brisbane'.

Another amazing view South Brisbane.

The Wheel

Paddlesteamer on Brisbane River.

The old and the new.

This building is special....look closely at the beams holding each floor....the criss cross up the building.

This will be the tallest building in Brisbane but work has already been started on another building that will be taller.

Have a great Wednesday.


  1. oooh looks great, great pics, thanks for sharing!!!

    I think just from these pictures he has a good eye for shots and imagery, so its clear he has a talent for it, so definitely all teh best to him with that!

    Nice to see you have such creative kids,!

  2. Fntastic photos Merry - your Son definitely has talent!!

    I really enjoyed looking at them to see the difference between what I saw on TV during the floods and how it looks now - WOW!

  3. thanks for taking us to Brisbane! beautiful buildings and photos by your son! i had fun looking at them. thanks for sharing! =)

  4. Thanks for sharing those awesome pics. Yes, sure your son does love buildings. Lol!

    I think we did visit Brisbane when we went to Sydney over Christmas some three years ago... Had fun for sure.

    xxx Monica

  5. Excelelnt photos Wendy I think he has found his niche.
    Wish I had known you were here We could have met up for a quick coffee.

  6. Super picture - You had a fantastic time best wishes Lesley x


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