Monday, April 6, 2009

Very excited.......I won, I won. :-) (Card Making Galore)

I have been visiting blogs and seeing the wonderful creations. Also been noticing that so many generous people were offering wonderful Blog Candy (Crafting Giveaways) when they were celebrating their birthday, blog anniversaries or just because they felt like it. So I thought I might as well be in it to win it so created my second blog 'Hints of Candy' where I list all the prizes. Each day I go back to see who has won and post that on the original post so that people no that it is closed. Guess what!!!!!! it was my name I saw this morning over at 'Card Making Galore'. A lovely lady in Malta as put this up as Blog Candy. Check out her blog as she does do beautiful cards.


  1. Hi there, lucky lady. I sent you an email with a choice for the surprise item!

  2. Congratulations Merry very welll deserved Enjoy


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