Monday, December 31, 2018

Wishing you a fantastic 2019 - See You Later

This is a photo of our last evening of 2018 and what a beautiful one it was.  We have had torrential rain for the past week and a half. It was so lovely today to see sunshine and hang the washing out to dry and get that sunshine smell. Also terrific  for my husband to mow today and have nothing to do tomorrow on his birthday other than enjoy the manicured lawn and possibly watch the rain fall. 

Happy New Year everyone.  I wish you the very best for 2019. 

Thank you all for your visits throughout the year although my posts and visits to your blogs have been sporadic.  I've decided to re-open my card store on Made It (smaller Australian version of Etsy) - My thinking is that this will allow me to sell cards that I  create after being inspired by others through Pinterest. Ultimately, I'm trying to reduce my stash which seems impossible as my Mum and an elderly friend also think they should reduce their stashes and have been passing crafting items on to me. I will miss blogging and although I have tried for the last couple of years since commencing full time work to continue blogging I find that now that I work on computers all day I don't want to be on them when I get home.  You will be able to find me on is over there to the right where I share from time to time what I have been creating.  I  will no doubt also be browsing through the many creations stored there for inspiration for my next project. 

So its not goodbye, but see you later when I have more free time in at least five years.

A special thanks for you visits and sticking with me as posts got thin - I have always appreciated your visits and comments. Monica, Brenda, Loz, Janette, Kaye, Gail, Cathy C, Sandra H, Lorraine (cold waters), Mrs A, Linby, Dr Sonia, Judy S.


  1. Oh all that rain made for a beautiful green lawn, it looks gorgeous....Happy new year to you to, I should think you'll be seeing it in any time now, only lunch time here Merry, so all the very best and good luck for

  2. Thankyou for your friendship over the years and I wish you luck with your online store. Happy New Year . Hugs Mrs A.

  3. Happy New Year Merry and Happy Birthday to your Husband. Hugs Loz&TeddyB

  4. Happy New Year to you, too. I hop things are drying out by now. I will very much miss your posts!

  5. I will miss you too! I stopped by to tell you that I posted another pincushion craft I made all the gals in our family for Christmas that I was sure you would like. And we didn't have White Christmas this year, although it was chilly enough for one. We came home from central Missouri (a 3 hour drive from home) where we had Christmas with David's family with the chest crud, so we've been fighting it ever since. Tell your hubby happy birthday and have a great year! It was nice knowing you! Thank you so much for stopping in that first time and saying hi to me from the Sisters in Christ card challenge blog. You and another friend, Nutty, have been faithful friends and if I never get to see you here on earth, look me up in heaven! Blessings! Your sister in Christ! DJ


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