Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy Easter everyone

I just had to share our (what I call) Rose of Sharon in our front garden.  Every morning I leave for work and it is full of white flowers. (click on photo for larger view)

Return in the afternoon and they have all turned this lovely shade of pink.  Just magic.  Of course, much prettier in real life.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter.  I think all the campers in our area are going to win out for a change as the weather is just beautiful.  Four day long weekend and the start of school holidays for two weeks so there are plenty of people holidaying.

Take care and have a good one. :-)


  1. Beautiful pictures Merry, Have a very Happy Easter
    Kevin xx

  2. Kauniit kuvat. Hyvää pääsiäistä!

  3. Tree looks very pretty and must look quite spectacular to see it change colour so quickly too. Th accordion card I sent you in the craft mad swap won over on the Crafting musketeers challenge blog!. Happy Easter to you. Hugs Mrs A.

    1. Well deserved, congratulations. :-)

  4. Hope you had a wonderful Easter, Merry. Love that Rose of Sharon.


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