Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Birthday Cards

Last Saturday (21st), I celebrated my 50th.  Had the most wonderful time as all was organised by my terrific husband.  All I had to do was enjoy and help just a tad.  :-)  Our son and daughter flew home for 24 hours.  My sister and her husband also flew up from down Brisbane way for a few days and helped out fantastically.  Our sons girlfriend even made the trip from Townsville but I am thinking that had more to do with our son. ;-).  I celebrated the night surrounded by wonderful friends and family.  Lots of laugh, yes and way too much drink but it was all good fun.  I just wanted to share all the beautiful handmade cards I was lucky enough to receive.

Stitched card from my Mum. :-)

This talented lady a friend from school days - grade 5 (10yo) even, made my birthday cake also.

4 layers of caramel mud cake - Yum!

Another of my talented friends.  This card was the second card and only for a joke, as I had give her a flower pop up card for her 50th last first attempt and this is her first attempt.  Faces are the ladies I used to play tennis with.

More photos to show all sides.

This is the real card from Gloria and it is just spectacular.  Gloria was a little sneaky too, messenging our daughter in Brisbane who then text Dad (my husband) sitting beside me for younger photos of myself.  These also were sent back via that same route although Gloria only lives 5 mins away.

Other pages - me in primary school and on my wedding day.

The loves of our lives - son and daughter and recent photo of me....I do look a bit worried in this photo.

The last page of the card signed by all the tennis ladies.

This is from the talented Ruth who does amazing things with Stampin Up products.

Kaye is super talented and wonderful lady who I have met through the online Craftmad site.

Another talented lady who dabbles in many crafts and at the moment it is Chalk Art.  Karen, I met through Craftmad and we discovered we live minutes away from each other so now regularly catch up for coffee.

Another friend that I have known since grade five.  We don't get to see each other much these days but technology keeps us in close contact since her move to NZ.

From my Aunty Barb. :-)

Another wonderful lady Jan, who I have met through Craftmad.

Yet another school friend from grade 5 era.  Rachel, takes amazing photos mostly of bugs and flowers.   This is one that she has given to me, how special.

My brother gave me this but I imagine that it was my sister-in-law, 2 nieces and nephew that had the fun of putting all together.  This got a lot of laughs on the night.  Yes, there are fifty lollipops.

This beautiful card arrived from Cathy another lady from Craftmad who I have not had the privilege yet to meet in person but we will. 

All my cards lined up.

Will catch up again soon.  Thanks for visiting.  Scruff the dog needs to go for a walk outside so must dash.


  1. Belated Happy Birthday Merry, you received some beautiful and personalised cards and looks like a fund day.

    B x

  2. What beautiful cards - you must have some very special people in your life - very very belated birthday wishes.

  3. Happy Birthday a bit late. That's an interesting looking cake! Looks tasty.

  4. Happy belated 50th Merry. All your cards are fantastic. I love the pop-up photo one and the cake looks Yummy..Loz

  5. Happy Birthday! I see we celebrate almost together. Mine is the 26th of March. That cake looks so yummy.I have never heard of it before. Shall have to look for a recipe. I am glad you were surrounded by all your friends and famildy.

  6. Lots of lovely cards there Merry and your cake looks yummy. Sounds like you had the perfect birthday.

  7. Lovely cards and party for a lovely lady! I'm thankful you were able to celebrate and not get blown away. So I take it that Nathan blew back out to sea? Happy 50th! *smile*

    1. Nathan, just kept on going. He did cross the coast but much further north and us .... up near Cooktown and luckily not much damage and lower population. He went right across the top end of Queensland and over to the gulf. I can't find where he ended up but here is a warning for the Northern Territory. Interesting cyclone. :-)

  8. Yes, I've never have heard of that cake either. I thought it looked like a stack of tortillas or pancakes? . . .

  9. Belated birthday wishes - I love your cake. Great idea for the 50 sucks too! Must try that one as I have a friend turning 50 next month.

  10. belated 50th birthday greeting glad you had a great time celebrating best wishes Lesley x


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