Thursday, April 16, 2015

After my shopping expedition

Sorry the photo is sideways....I quickly took it on my phone so I could show my parents what their birthday money had bought me.  :-)  Now I can't seem to rotate it.  

My friend and I had a wonderful time in Babinda yesterday.  After spending a half hour trip in the car discussing 'That Sugar Film" (a real eyeopener of a film that everyone should watch) and "I Quit Sugar" concepts and that really it was a matter of going back to basics and cooking/baking from scratch and moderation, moderation.  We hopped out the car and went straight to Babinda Bakery and had the nicest coffee and for me a custard slice and my friend lattice apple slice.  So yum! So full of sugar but hey, not something we eat every day. :-)  Then it was up the street to admire the renovated furniture and kitchen items collected at Babinda Bargain Centre - Cootharinga North Queensland 
next stop was Scrap Therapy  where my friend and I spent a couple of hours just wandering.  It was such a pleasure not to have to rush off anywhere and not to have anyone on the footpath wanting to move on. :-)  This is where I spent my birthday money from my parents.  

Top to bottom

Coloured jewels, roller glue refill, a new gadget for me that rolls along the edge of the page and adds pin pricks, Christmas die words (joy, noel, happy, christmas, merry, holidays) sticker alphabet, tiny butterfly and bird dies, 2 x embossing folders one with music and one with flowers, new 'B' plates for my cuttlebug and lastly some glue to attach ribbon with.

We then headed over the road for a nice lunch at the Stag Tavern.

A brilliant day.


  1. Happy belated birthday friend!! Love your scrapbook stash lots of fun items!!
    Yes so true about sugar! We are careful what we eat and I try not to buy anything with corn syrup in it either since its another form of sugar. I buy a lot of organic items too . Its hard though becasue some things you cant find w/o the sugar or corn syrup.

  2. Lots of fabulous goodies Merry..Loz

  3. what michelle said! *smile* My hubbin has diabetes and I thought if I did my part and didn't bake anything at home, that he would be good. Not so! He's as oppositional as his son. That drives him to buy it while he's out, away from home, so now I'm looking for recipes that uses fruit purees to replace the sweetening. I have a few that I've collected at Pinterest, if you are interested. Merry, would love to see the puzzle that you make. Then you can try out the directions I've written to see if they are clearly written. I'm going to upload another small game in a few days, if I can find out what my husband did with the one I made, so I can scan it. He said this is the first thing I've made that's been interesting! LOL!

    1. I so hear you about your husband. That is the main reason I am taking extra care on what we eat as the doctor has told him to lose a couple of kilos. They are sneaky hey. :-)

  4. Great shopping Merry, lots of lovely goodies there.

  5. glad you had a good day and added to your stash :) x


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