Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone.  As of Thursday I suddenly realised that I had not bought one easter egg or hot cross buns.  No kids at home anymore to remind me what time of year it is. So after work did a quick shop at the local store to rectify that problem.  Two packets hot cross buns and deciding that we didn't need a lot of chocolate between husband and me just bought this small packet of eggs to share.  Then my husband comes home from work and says he just put an easter egg in the back fridge for me.  ????? he never buys easter eggs, so I went and snuck a look and it looks a little flash so thought I would have to do something with this packet of eggs.

This is what I came up with.  I can't take any credit for the basket as it was made by my friend Ruth in a Stampin Up demonstration.  I had fun making these carrots using the orange papers that have been sitting in my stash forever.....not a colour I tend to use.   I turned sheets of paper into Sour Cream containers (Splitcoast Tutorial here). Wish I had had enough eggs for one more carrot.  However, I think it looks a bit flasher than the packet of eggs.

Just showing them individually.

Have a great day everyone.

The carrots I gave my husband with the egg that he gave me.  Not only a chocolate egg but full of Roses chocolates.  I will be sharing. :-)


  1. I haven't bought any special goodies for Easter - last year our local bakery gave me some free hot cross buns- ( my hubby and I really don't like them if even they are free )- so what did he bring home yesterday 12 hot cross buns - he says he has forgotten that we don't like them. You have to laugh - Happy Easter.

    1. That is funny Gail. The reason I didn't buy too many eggs is that I am trying to cut sugar from our diet and have been trying since end of Feb. But my birthday party saw my hubby over indulging and now again today but I will cut it down. I do notice that I am not getting the enjoyment from the chocolate as I thought I would. So I must be on the right track. I went and saw 'that sugar film' . Convinced me I don't need as much sugar in my diet. Happy Easter to you too.

  2. Happy Easter Merry.. No chocolates here but maybe a hot cross bun or two..Loz

  3. A very belated Happy Easter to you as well Merry and it's confirmed I could live in Aussie as you have Cadbury's !!

    B x


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