Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weave Bag from Papua New Guinea

I thought this was very special and needed to be shared.  My daughter did some child minding last year while the Mum visited her Mum in Papua New Guinea.  This is the lovely bag that she brought back as a thank you present.  Apparently, this was made by a 12yo girl.  I was told what tree the fibres came from but can't remember at the moment.  This is a link that talks about Bilums (String Bags) of Papua New Guinea.

I really love the texture of the bag and the natural colours.


  1. look just like crocheting. Love the stitches.

  2. I love the colours too and what a talented 12 year old to make that. My 13 year old is into buying bags rather than making them. Lol.
    Monica xxx

  3. It's beautiful and I agree about the texture and colours too. I have a crocheted cotton bag that's a bit similar that I use in the summer and love and I'm sure this one will get lots of use too. Hope you're well Merry. Hugs Chris

  4. Such a interesting web site and the information about Bilum bags - you'd never believe that bags could be made out of the fibre from trees - what a great gift your daughter received - thank you for my birthday wishes - Lesley x


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