Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 Alpha Challenge

I was just visiting Chris's blog the Sketching Stamper and she was showing off her DT piece for a  challenge called 2013 Alpha Challenge.  They suggest using a dictionary for the images which Chris has used for her creation and plans to use that for other letters of the alphabet as they come up in a challenge.  The first letter is 'v' and Chris chose VOYAGE which she circled in the dictionary and on the opposite page stamped a hot air balloon and coloured it.

The reason I am sharing as I think this is I think it is such a wonderful idea and the end product would be so much fun.  It is something I would like to try but I don't think  I will get to it straight away but thought some else who visits would like to have a try.  It's on my 'to do' list for this year.


  1. Why thank you for counting my blog as one of your favorites! I have the warm fuzzies now around my heart! :) When I was an active member at Club Posh, we did a similar "challenge" only it was a swap also in that everyone who signed up got a letter and decorated an ATC to match, then made as many as people signed up. When they ran out of the alphabet, they used numbers. I got a number one year and stamped three blooms on it. Oh, and the letter and number had to be on the ATC, so all the cards could be put together correctly in order. Of course, we also had to have at least one Posh stamp used on it. I participated two times. Well, if you decide to do something like that this year, I'm game. Just let me know!

  2. hmm...the letter my VALENTINE :)

  3. I might give this challenge a go ,it sounds like fun .Will have to find an old dictionary in the op shops. No gallavanting off to Japan this year,a bit closer to home I see or was this just a quick break .Until I lose some weight I don't even want to think about going away on holiday.Thankfully no fires in my neck of the woods but there is always the possibility as we have bushland at the rear of the garden.

    I've probably shed 20 names from my followers list- I did look and see when they had lasted posted before I deleted them.
    Enjoy your week.

  4. Very cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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