Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Craftmad Moneybox Swap

This is the start of my moneybox.  Over at Craftmad we decided to swap a moneybox (gallery here) so that we could start saving for the next get together in October.  I was googling and saw a suggestion of using a soup tin.  So for some silly reason I thought I could not buy the classic tomato soup which is lovely and runny I must buy something special.  So Potato and Leek it was.

Out in the backyard with a hammer and nail to punch some holes along where I wanted the slot.

Then I used the chisel to make the slot nice and even.  Next I had to shake out that thick Potato and Leek soup.  Silly, next time a nice broth I think.  Rinsed it out, removed the label and had to let it air for a little as the soup smell was really strong.

Then decorated the outside with these lovely papers, bling and kindy glitz, rub-ons and stickers.  Actually, my daughter helped me out and started the decorating and I finished it off.

MichelleH...recognised the stickers they were perfect for the job.  

The top view...I added a piece of matching paper to make the slot look really tidy.

The other end.  Yes, the only way into get the money is by the pull tab.  So once it's opened thats the end of your saving.  I think a good incentive not to raid the moneybox.

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I was featured at Inspire Me Fridays for this project.  Thanks Maria.  :-)


  1. Hi Merry, What a fabulous idea xx

  2. Its brilliant Merry, wonderful idea!!
    Kevin xx

  3. WOW!!! This looks Fantastic Merry..Loz

  4. love how you dressed up that can. wonderful project, Merry!

  5. Very clever,love it .I hope you ate the soup lol.It's good to get away from making cards ,I could do with a break myself.

  6. Hi Merry
    A gorgeous money box and a fabulous idea thank you for joining us this week at CraftyCatz
    Hugs Dianne xx

  7. Such a clever idea Merry, the can looks fabulous!

    Warm hugs

  8. Great money box Merry, so pretty and what a clever idea

  9. It turned out darling. I can just see you shaking the can trying to get everything out. Funny!

  10. Gorgeous love how you decorated it!!
    Very prety & crative!!
    Thanks for the info on the sea town!! How lucky to be so close to a snorkeling reef!! The hunts spider thats the one I was asking about I learned about it through Annmaree. Those things are huge and scary I think I would faint if I had them in my house. Is there anything you can do to keep them out of your house like any bug spray will keep them away?
    Do you get them all year long or just part of the year.
    Have a wonderful week!

  11. A gorgeous project. Thanks for sharing it with us at crafty catz this week. Naomi xx

  12. totally cool idea!
    love that you still have the pull tab...I'm definitely inspired to do this! thank you Merry!

    ...and thank you for sharing this @ Inspire Me Fridays!!

  13. This is a BEAUTIFUL moneybox.
    I still can't see your photo's in Google Reader.
    Hugs Wilma ☺☺☺

  14. and here was me wondering why on earth you didn't just use the pull ring to get the soup out!!!!
    Great idea for a money box. Hugs Mrs A.

  15. Wow Merry what an awesome project this is such amazing creativity, brilliant work.
    lorraine x

  16. Great idea - hope you all save enough for your crafty get together in Oct - glad you've had rain as I know Australia have had very hot weather recently - although I know your thousands of miles from Sydney my freinds have been telling me the temp there has been 40-46oC which must be unbearable best wishes Lesley x

  17. What a wonderful idea,Merry!!!
    Great work..

  18. your creations look great I love it!
    Greetings Baukje

  19. Great idea - I was wondering as I read along about getting the money out!


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