Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jungle Surfing Cape Trib

Warning.....lots of photos, 21 to be exact. :-)  You can click on the photo for a larger view.

I have decided to share our photos starting from our last day.  For one week we stayed in a house at Oak Beach which is approx 10mins south of Port Douglas.  The final day we drove past Port Douglas, through Mossman and onto Cape Trib or Cape Tribulation, we Aussie have to shorten everything.  As the sign says we have to use the ferry to get to the other side of Daintree River.

The Ferry Ride

Off the Ferry and ready for the thin winding road through the thick rainforest.

 First stop Alexander Lookout.  Rainforest meets Great Barrier Reef.

Now the reason we headed to Cape Trib......we are going Jungle Surfing check this link out.
This myself and our daughter kitted with harnesses and helmets before we commenced the 5min walk uphill to the first platform.

The staff have fun with handing out the helmets I am sure.  This is my husband with his 'Tinkerbell' helmet.  I had 'Alice in Wonderland', our daughter had 'Bambi' and our son had 'Tweetypie'.  

I was the first for our family off the platform.....isn't that a confident smile. lol

This myself and our daughter heading from platform one to two.

Hubby is already to go with camera.  Don't worry the camera is safely clicked on to his harness.

The view from one of the flying fox zipline sections.  There were four sections in all.

The guide waiting for us on platform three.

Our son the budding photographer.  These photos are a mixture of his and my husbands.

This is the shot of my husbands feet whilst dangling 22.5 metres above the ground.  This is half way across the second flying fox zipline where they let you dangle for a little to take in the view. :-)

Not sure if our son has a face anymore as this seems to be all we see. :-)

A downward view.

The guides like to challenge you on each section of the flying fox zipline.  First section it is just the fact that you are out there and getting used to the idea that the harness does support you.  Second section is where they guide you out to half way which is the highest point of 22.5 metres above the ground they let you sit there for a little.  Third section.....time to let go and fly with your arms out wide.  This is our son showing how it's done.

Fourth section, it's time to let go and hang upside down.  Yep, this is me.  I managed all the other sections quite confindently when I was used to the harness.  Hanging upside down did get my adrenaline rushing but I am glad I did it.

This is all in a days work for our daughter who loved the experience but thought it was all a tad slow.  She does abseiling with Rangers and just loves the thrill of it all.

Here is hubby having his turn and enjoying it more than me.

Not sure if this photo will enlarge but it is a panoramic that hubby took at Cape Tribulation where two World Heritage Sites meet.  The Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.

Heading home and back on the ferry.

I hope you enjoyed our day.  If you are ever in Cape Tribulation I thoroughly recommend the Jungle Surfing.  Have a great day.


  1. Oh wow thank you for letting us see your pictures you look like you had a brilliant time together xx

  2. That looked like fun!

  3. oooh, looks like a lot of fun ;-) You are certainly braver than me ;-)

  4. Oi, kuinka teillä on hauskaa:) Hienoja kuvia. Onko teillä nyt kuumaa, siellä Australiassa?
    Terveisiä Suomesta :)

  5. Looks like everybody had great fun Merry, thanks sharing.

    B x

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  7. BEAUTIFUL photos Merry,
    Hugs Wilma

  8. Love all the photos!!
    Looks like a very beautiful place!!
    Love that you went on the cable we almost did that last year but this year we will be trying it!!
    Looks so fun!!

  9. Fantastic Picutres Merry. I don't think I could have gone jungle surfing..Loz

  10. What an amazing day out and how brave of you - I'm not sure I could do it especially 22.5 metre up high - glad you had a great day - I've just Gooogled Cape Tribulation on the map to see where it is - didn't know you had rain forests - so I've learn't something new today best wishes Lesley x

  11. oh gosh what fun! you are all so brave, not sure if I could cope with that! hehehe


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