Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Last of the Rainbow Churn Dash Block

Just discovered the Thearica has set up a linky party just for Churn Dash Blocks/Quilts....check it out here.

The last six months over at Craftmad saw four of us swapping Churn Dash Blocks in rainbow colours. It has been wonderful fun going out searching for the right colour fabric each month and then making up the blocks for the swap.  At the end we decided to swap Violet or Purple blocks which would cover the Violet and Indigo colours of the rainbow.  We just thought this last two colours were too similar so we added Pink as our last block colour.  These are mine here.

These are all the blocks that I have received so far. Just waiting on a pink and purple.  Not bad out of six swaps and with three people sending them each time 18 envelopes only one got lost in the mail system.  Yes, it contained a Yellow and a Blue.  Although luckily at the start of the swap one of the members mixed up their colours and sent me a blue block to start with in lieu of green which she later made.  So I do have four blue blocks.

Edited......if you would like to see other Churn Dash Quilts visit Thearica's 'Do the Dash' Linky Party here.

Cathy was one of my swap partners and she has come up with the idea of adding black sashing which I was planning on doing but then adding a square of the fabric from each of our blocks at each join.  I think this would look wonderful.    Does anyone have any suggestions of how they would put this together?  I would love to hear.  I am not really sure if my sewing machine can handle this size.  Or rather if I can handle this size with my sewing machine. :-)

Just sharing this photo as our dog was in a posing mood this morning and took a while to move away so I could take a photo.  Sorry the photos are so dark but looks like the wet season may be starting.  Yep, a few light showers this morning and apparently the forecast is for rain for the next week.  The plants will be so happy.


  1. Hi Merry, thanks for popping in, Here's the link to the origami box, it's really easy to make and she has video to watch for both the box and the lid.
    I'm not much of a sewer but just love patchwork, what a great idea to swap blocks. These look lovely!

  2. Thanks so much Sandy for the lovely comments and the link.

  3. what a good idea these blocks are going to make a superb quilt and it'll be so colourful - hope you get on ok with sewing it all together best wishes Lesley x

  4. Your quilt is so pretty!
    How fun taht you are doing a swap!!
    Love the colors!!
    That is amazing those coasters did not take that long!!
    Thanks for thr info!!

  5. this looks beautiful already! can't wait to see the finished project. thanks for sharing, Merry!

  6. Looking wonderful, such a fun swap!

  7. Thank you so much for linking up to the churn dash quilt along today. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous.

    Please edit your post to reflect a link to the post on my blog for the linky party so your friends can come and find it. I would appreciate it. Thanks so much.

    Thearica Burroughs


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