Friday, January 18, 2013

Port Douglas, North Queensland

These are a small portion of the photos taken of Port Douglas by my hubby when we stayed the week over New Years.

This is a view is taken from Island Point Lookout looking back over Four Mile Beach.  You will notice that everyone is swimming in the stinger net area.  So they are protected from the Box Jelly Fish and Irukandji Jelly Fish which frequent our coastline between October and June.

From Island Point Lookout looking back down our coastline towards Cairns.  

I thought this was a pretty photo and needed sharing.  A flower on the lookout walk.

 Looking out from Island Point Lookout to Low Isles.  The first little bump on the left is actually Low Isle where the tourist visit and get a glimpse of coral and tropical fish when snorkelling.  The second bump is Woody Island which is part of the Low Isles....but is an uninhabited coral/mangrove island.  Lastly, the third bump is a Freighter Ship.

View from Island Point Lookout looking back over Port Douglas. 

St Mary's by the Sea Church....yes, lots of weddings are held here.

A landmark of Port Douglas.

Different view.

Never too old for a swing.  Me giving my daughter a push. :-)

The family waiting for hubby to take some photos.

Anzac Park, Port Douglas.  The fisherman in the centre has such a hard life. :-)

I just like this shot.

Macrossan Street Port Douglas...the main street full of dress shops and restaurants.

Thanks for visiting, hope you all have a great weekend.  Hopefully next week I will share our sons view of Port Douglas.  Too many photos to put in one post.


  1. Kaunista teillä siellä, hyviä kuvia. Ihana ranta ja palmuja. Täällä paljon pakkasta ja lunta:) Hyvää viikonloppua:)

  2. What soothing pics there. I love the one on the swings. And the one with with the two benches.
    You asked me about the that crinkled paper... it was rather easy. Just took some A4 size printer paper, painted it with some pearly acrylic colour diluted with water. Then gently crushed the paper into a ball. Open it up after you feel it is dry and see how beautiful it turns out. Zeenya's teacher used to call it paper batik.
    Hope that explains the process.

  3. Wow Merry thanks for sharing, what wonderful shots and that church, perfect for weddings.....xx

  4. awesome pictures, looks so stunning and looks a lot like vanuatu/fiji etc places people go overseas outside of the country, when you can see the same/similar places in our own backyards, so wonderful!!!

  5. Fantastic pictures Merry..Loz

  6. Gorgeous place.
    How far is this from where you live?
    Lucky for us to go somwhere this pretty its a 12 14 hour drive we have some pretty beaches here but the water isnt always that pretty turqouise water so we have to go to Florida or an island out of the US. Fl has some nice islands but not to close to us.
    Do you get those big spiders there and where you live?

  7. Great photos, Merry! I love taking virtual trips like this.

  8. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. Michelle Port Douglas is only two hours from where we live or 1 1/2 hours from Cairns. Spiders yes we do have large spiders called Huntsman which grow to the size of an open hand. They can bite and apparently leave a nasty sting for about 30 to 40 minutes but not life threatening. We have them at our house fairly regularly not my favourite thing to see. Here is a link to some spiders in our area.

  9. What a wonderful warm place. Spiders no thanks. But your photos are lovely.

  10. oooh..that looks just lovely!!! :)

  11. Beautiful pictures - did you get to visit the Sea Church - what a wonderful area to visit -the weather is so different from here in Derby - best wishes Lesley x


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