Friday, August 12, 2011

The last of christmas......for now

I am happy to say that I will now be moving on to everyday cards again.  Actually, I have a couple of birthdays coming up so will be starting with them.

When I did this paper tole it looked very basic and even my daughter made the same comment.  Soon as I attached it to this wonderful glitter paper though, I think it has just popped out.  I then finished with this terrific Merry Christmas red border sticker from Sticker Store.

Now this has to be one of my favourites.  I just love this poinsettia image that I cut from the 3D Paper Tole Mini Christmas booklet.  Then as I layered it up it was just prettier.  For the card I started with a blank white pre-scored card, layer of green and red Bazzill card.  Then another terrific laser cut card front.  I have used a metallic gold pen to create the faux stitching on this card and added a red star brad to the top.  

Lucky last.  This card I started with a blank pre-scored black card.  Then a layer of silver and navy blue which I have cut with a wavy edge.  I embossed one end of the navy blue card with my Swiss Dots embossing folder and aded some tiny silver sticker stars.  I attached the lovely 3D paper tole image and a strip of maroon card with a silver 'Happy Christmas' rub-on.

Had to share this photo it was taken last week.  My hubby had just floured some calamari and yes, his hand was covered in flour and our dog  happened to be walking by as he finished.

Well his vet visit went well.  The lump was removed and it was just a cheesy relieved.  Now the poor boy as 9 stitches and a shaved neck.  Just a tad gross to look so I won't share photos.  He is happy and well though. (This is the dog....not hubby)  :-)

Now that brings me to the end of my Christmas cards.  I just wanted to share one more time the link to Tracey Hanshaw's post regarding Christmas card for our Aussie Troops serving overseas.  That is where these cards will be heading next week as soon as I get the inserts in.  I exceeded my aim by one.....and will be sending 21 cards away.  I was visiting Mum yesterday and she has about ten that she would like to send off too.  Same boat as me though.....they need inserts.


  1. awesome christmas cards! Love those images, they are really nice!!!

    Sorry to hear about your pooch, seems lumps are happening all over, my aunt is getting one removed too! crazy right!

  2. i enjoyed seeing your holiday cards, Merry! they are all so beautiful! thanks for sharing! hope your dog has a speedy recovery, too. hugs!

  3. Beautiful cards! Very glittery that first one cool!

    Neat pic of the flour handprint!

    Very happy that it was just a cyst and all is taken care of! A sigh of relief!

  4. Merry,
    Lovely cards! I can't quite bring myself to make Christmas cards yet.LOL The red paper tole one is absolutely stunning! Thanks for visiting me recently and leaving the sweet comment. I'm glad your doggy is doing better too!

  5. Love, love, LOVE these cards. I can never get enough of your Christmas cards Merry - they are all so inspiring. So very different to each other but each one a perfect creation. The glitter cardstock on the 1st one looks amazing.

    So glad your dog is OK - lumps are always such a worry and it's great that it turned out to be something benign. Hope he doesn't pull out the stitches. Our old dog (now gone) had to wear one of those giant collar things that stops them from chewing out stitches etc. and it was right royal pain because she kept scraping the furniture and walls with it and knocking things off the coffee table. Drove us bananas and we were glad our dog had it off.


  6. Your Christmas cards are all so pretty and the picture of your dog is so funny. Glad he is alrignt!
    Hugs Jeanette xxo

  7. they are all super cards best wishes Lesley x

  8. Merry.... Your 3D Christmas cards are absolutely beautiful! I have the same glitter paper and would have never thought to use it like you have... Well done! It really did make your 3D wreath pop!!

  9. Your cards are so gorgeous. All the work you put into them, my goodness. Love the doggie picture and so glad that he is OK.

  10. The first one is so beautiful Merry. I am having trouble seeing the others in blogger.
    Your poor dog-thank goodness it is all sorted, funny photo with the flour hand.

  11. Love all the pretty cards!! What a awesome cause!!
    Glad to hear your dog is well and hope it has a quick recovery!!

  12. These 3 areall great, however I love,love,love the glitter card! Wow!!


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