Monday, August 8, 2011

Flashback Friday Challenge #14 - Gift Card Holder and photos

Hi everyone, Flashback Friday has a new challenge happening.  They want us to show the very first gift card holder that you posted.  Remember that you have to repost the image not just link to the original post.  Well I went in search and I am sure I made a card with a holder in the centre for one of my nephews but for the life of me I can't find it.  So these gift card holders are the only ones I can find on my blog from last Christmas - December 2010 see original post here.

Guess I should get around to making some more.

This is what has kept our family busy this weekend.  Sadly, our massive bamboo plant has  dies.  Died last year and were sort of kinda hoping that cyclone Yasi would blow it over.  No such luck. :-)
So every day it has got browner and we look at it and think we must do something and think it is such a huge job.  I rang for quotes but as soon as I mentioned the word bamboo they virtually hung up. lol  One guy did quote approx $2000 without even having a close look.    Anyways, we have been having a little rain and wind and the bamboo collapsed so far on this side that we could not walk.  Our wonderful 17yo son decided on Friday to make a start, even continued working in the rain.  Then hubby got home and thought it was a great idea, got changed and grabbed the chainsaw.  The pile grew huge but the dent in the plant is only small.  Saturday we had a 6 cubic metre skip delivered and spent the afternoon filling it with what we had cut.  A time consuming job as we now have to cut the bamboo into lengths to fit the skip.  Sunday we put the remainder of the cut pile into the skip.  We estimate that there will be at least another 6 skip loads and then we will have to talk really nicely to a friend who has a backhoe to see if he will help remove the central clump that will be remaining.

Bamboo photos taken by our son.

Can't believe we have filled a 6 cubic metre skip, still a pile on the ground and it doesn't even look like we have made a dent. :-0

Our bottlebrush trees are all in bloom and the butterflies are loving them.  Also the lorikeets but they didn't hang around with the chainsaw noise.  Ask our son to take a photo and this is what he got.

If you squint you can see a couple of butterflies on the flowers.

I decided to have a play with the macro while the camera was out.

Then I spied this butterfly on a bottlebrush.

I crept forward and turned the macro back on.  Was amazed how close he let me come.

And closer still....I was almost touching him here.

Well that is the end of my long post...wishing you all a wonderful week.  Oh and if you have spare time, chainsaw and truck we would love to see you. :-)


  1. Lovely gift card holders! Great flower/butterfly pics! As for the bamboo! HOLY SMOKES...that is HUGE! I love the look of bamboo but had never actually seen the big plant...only one stalk. What a chore to get rid of it! Are you able to sell any of it since it is used for so many things?

  2. Hi Merry love the gift card holders I must try and make some of them this year for Christmas. I have really enjoyed looking at your wonderful photos, it is a shame about the bamboo I bet it looked gorgeous before it died off. The butterflies look so lovely, isn't Nature awe-inspiring.
    Lorraine x

  3. Great DSP for these gift card holders , Merry .
    Thanks for comment on my blog too .
    hugs Shirley-Anne.

  4. What a gorgeous Butterfly!!
    We would love to have those birds in out yard!! Wow what a job with the bamboo hope it doesnt take you as long s you expect!!
    Very pretty money card holders! I have made a few of these they are fun!!

  5. i love your first gift card holders! they are so beautiful! and wow! you took on a big task there and thanks for sharing the beautiful photos from your yard. i enjoyed seeing them! =)

  6. LOVE love love your gift card holders...such spectacular colors and patterns!!!!! Thanks sooo much for playing along with us at Flashback Friday!

    Wow, your pictures are incredible...that is one large bamboo plant!!! Love all your pictures that you shared!

  7. Love that you made belly band gift card holders...fabulous! What awesome pic's your son took, and thanks for sharing the beauty!

  8. I recently went to a crafts fair and there was a whole stall devoted to bamboo crafts. They made penstands, flower vases and lots of other easy stuff. So If you still have some bamboo do try to make something.
    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  9. What beautiful gift card holders. Thank you for joining Flashback Fridays.


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